Would you spend £2000 every 12 weeks on a personal trainer?

There are three types of gym goers: the ‘New Year, new me’ lot that won’t last past 31 January, the hardcore fitness gang, and those who don’t go to the gym at all, despite having a membership. No matter which you are, it’s likely you’ll be enticed into the annual January detox season after all the inevitable Christmas festive binging. 

Greater Manchester has seen a surge of new gyms, offering everything from one-to one personal training to a car washing service. Question is, just how much are you willing to spend on your new fitness regime? 

To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the cheapest and most expensive gyms around Manchester to help you jump back into gear.

(All listed prices for PT block sessions, single classes or peak monthly memberships per gym were correct at the time of publishing. Please contact the specific gym directly for full T&Cs)


UP FITNESS | £2736 (12 weeks) & £1368 (six weeks) 

XYZ Building, 2 Hardman Boulevard, Manchester, M3 3AQ

18 06 15 Up Fitness Gemma Atkinson
UP Fitness and Gemma Atkinson

UP Fitness boast some of the world's best personal trainers; the team's before and after photos prove it. In twelve weeks of gruelling training, clients transform into rippling, svelte (and a little vain-y) muscle machines, just ask ambassador Gemma Atkinson. Now open in the XYZ building, UP's training programmes are widely sought after - but it'll cost you. 

If your bank account can cope, you can choose between their six or twelve week programmes with your own personal trainer three-four hours a week, a personalised diet programme, supplement plan, an ongoing hormonal profile analysis, body fat measurements, progress pictures and advice throughout

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FORM | £1980 (twelve weeks) & £480-660 (six month direct debit)

Delphian house, Riverside, New Bailey Street, Salford, M3 5FS

18 05 16 Form Manchester

New to Salford on New Bailey Street, FORM pride themselves on life changing transformations. The private gym aims for their clients to overcome physical, mental and emotional barriers through their fitness journey. FORM's one-two-one fitness sessions are designed to build on self-development for life-long sustainable results. Again, this personalised approach to fitness isn't cheap. Both the twelve week programme (£1980) and six month direct debit membership (£480 -£660) include a diet programme, ongoing assessments, body measurements, lifestyle management advice, progress photos, daily contact with your trainer and three hours per week of training (the direct debit membership has the option of two to three sessions instead of a three hour block, so the price varies on individual needs).

Form MCR

FITISM | £1350 a month (unlimited access)

Kings Road, Wilmslow, SK9 5PZ

18 12 19 Fitism Gym Manchester

At Fitism there are 'four ways to play': ride, jab, HIIT and restore. The Wilmslow based gym have created bespoke classes for spinning, boxing, high intensity and stretch-based workouts. They are also big on personal training. At Fitism, for £1,350 a month you are entitled to any service from classes, personal trainers and the gym itself, at any time. Fitism promise to not only improve your body but to improve your mind and soul through their unique transformation process. They attest that they truly care about each individual fitness journey and do offer two week programmes, to help you test the waters before committing your bank account. 


NEON | £850 (Ultimate Body Package) monthly 

32 Park Rd, Hale, Altrincham, WA15 9AA

18 12 19 Neon Personal Trainers
NEON Personal traners

'Sore today, strong tomorrow' is the mantra at NEON. Based in Altrincham (they also have a gym at Alderley Edge), their gym offering boasts a juice bar, masseuse and car washing service - no wonder their monthly price is high.

For £850 a month, the ultimate body package includes: a bespoke eating plan, one massage per month, one car wash a month, five hours worth of PT sessions per week, one NEON thirst quencher, one colonic wellness cleanse per month, one ultimate NEON training kit, laundry service and a locker. Phew. It seems you'll be waited on hand and foot at NEON. If this sounds like the gym for you, then you can try out a free consultation at either the Altrincham or Alderley Edge gym and there is a handy exercise guide online, to help you have the correct form during your sessions.


Gym & Juice | £400 (10 PT sessions) & £39.50 (new member 10 Class Pass) 

64 Oldham Street, Basement, Manchester, M4 1LE

18 12 19 Gym And Juice Manchester
'Asspirations' class with Gym & Juice

You may have noticed on Instagram it's all about the 'ass' in 2019. Northern Quarter boutique fitness centre, Gym & Juice (great name) offer targeted 'ASSpiration' classes alongside one-two-one personal training sessions. It's an all-round service and other classes include power yoga, HIIT, meditation and total resistance training. It costs £400 for ten PT sessions (no contract, hooray!) and if classes are just your jam, they have an introductory price of £39.50 for a ten class pass (£65 once your pass expires).

 PT sessions include complimentary HIIT lessons, lunch time yoga and meditation classes. If you fancy stepping away from your desk for a breather, then a 45 minute express vinyasa yoga class, can help you refocus for a productive afternoon. A single class pass costs £7, so it is affordable to try it out in the New Year.

Gym and Juice

ELITE | £228 monthly (Transform Package)

Units 10/11, Guinness Road, Harp Trading Estate, Trafford Park, M17 1SR

18 12 19 Elite Together Manchester Gym
Elite Together

New to Trafford Park, Elite is no ordinary gym. In fact, they say they aren't even a gym at all. There's no machines, no complicated equipment... so what exactly is there? 

Well, Elite's six week 'Transform Package' contains a strange incentive. A full refund is offered if you can lose 20lbs by the end of their tailored fitness program, and the terms and conditions are extremely specific... You must change your Facebook profile picture and cover photo to an Elite themed one for the duration of your training (they provide it) - if you don’t have Facebook, then you have to create one. All your eighteen sessions must be ‘checked in’ to on Facebook and after all of that, a written review and 30 second testimonial are required to get your refund. The package includes weekly weigh-ins but be warned, if you haven’t lost more than 10lbs by week five you are not entitled to a refund. 


Barrecore | £135 (unlimited classes) per month

35A London Road, Alderley Edge, SK9 7JT

18 12 19 Barrecorre Manchester

Want an alternative to the usual treadmill and cross trainer machines? Barrecore = ballet meets fitness. Founded seven years ago in London by celebrity trainer Niki Rein, Barrecore has grown throughout the United Kingdom and has twelve studios across prime locations. Based on balletic principals (dancers are athletes after all), Barrecore’s approach will have you working every major muscle in your body and promise you will notice the difference just after a few classes. Set to upbeat music and high repetitions, Barre will help you to achieve a long, lean and strong physique, by incorporating fat-burning interval training and static stretches to lengthen your muscles, which over time will reshape your entire body. They have individual classes available for £12 each, so you can happily give it a go before delving in to a full monthly membership.The membership allows you to attend three or more classes a week, so you are ready to really build up your barre body in 2019. 


TRAIN | £100 per month (unlimited access - Castlefield base)

6 Arundel Street, Castlefield, Manchester, M15 4JZ

18 06 15 Train Manchester Independent Gyms

Crossfit is extremely popular in the world of fitness and has long been considered to one of the toughest workouts to master. From weightlifting classes to barbell club, Train have all the bases covered when it comes to building up your strength and form. An unlimited access monthly membership at their Castlefield base, will cost you £100 and includes all of their Crossfit, conditioning and weightlifting classes, barbel club, nutrition workshop and full access to the gym. Beware the small print though, as once signed up you are contracted to a block of three monthly payments before the membership becomes a rolling monthly contract. They are also based at MediaCityUK and Heald Green, where monthly membership prices vary. 


Barry's Bootcamp| £120 per month (12 classes)

3 Lower Byrom Street, Manchester, M3 4BJ

18 10 12 Barrys Bootcamp 3

With studios all over America, Barry’s Bootcamp opened doors in Manchester this year. While toning your muscles and boosting your metabolism, a Barry’s class can burn up to 1,000 calories or more. Combining weight training with cardio and alternative bursts of intense anaerobic exercise, you are bound to say goodbye to body envy as you sculpt yourself into a fitness goddess. Individual classes are £18, so a monthly contract of 12 classes would save you £96 to spend on whatever you like. Each day focuses on a different muscle group (i.e Monday is arms & abs, Tuesday is butt & legs etc) so you can pick and choose which areas you want to work on each week. With a magic combination of killer music, lighting and their signature red-tinted studios, you can get right in the zone and smash your workout.

Barrys Bootcamp

V1BE | £95 per month (unlimited classes) 

 37 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 2HF

18 06 15 V1 Be Fitness Independent Gyms

Dark and underground with flashing neon lights and an in-house DJ, at first glance V1BE looks like a quirky new Northern Quarter bar venture... featuring treadmills. In the light, it is Manchester's latest new independent gym and self-coined 'best workout class' in the city. The classes use heart monitor during every training session, tracking your perfomance and effort level for the whole gym to see. Set to a booming soundtrack, it's a full body work out, consisting of boxing, treadmills, plus all-round resistance and HIIT training.  With V1BE not a far walk from Piccadilly Gardens, you can pop in before work to get yourself ready for the day ahead, or afterwards and miss the manic rush home. 


Pace Health Club & NU Spa | £45 monthly

 Park Inn Hotel, 4 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M4 4EW

18 12 19 Pace Health Club
Pace Health Club

Pace Health Club & NU Spa understand that not everyone wants a glitz and glam gym, sometimes you’ve just got to show up, work out then go home - job done. Whether you’re into free weights, boxing or just running on a treadmill, you can get it all done over at Pace without a overly enthusiastic trainer. The club also offer weight management, swimming, massages and a wellness package at additional costs to suit everyone who walks through their doors. Located between the MEN arena and Victoria train station, it is ideal for city centre commuters, creating a nice balance between relaxation and fitness.

Pace Health


Y CLUB | £36 plus £15 joining fee (12 month fixed term contract)

Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4JR

20180509 Y Club Free Sessions01

YClub is the largest 'and happiest' health club in the city centre and offers everything from access to a swimming pool, tailor made exercise programmes, over 90 classes a week to a ladies only sauna and steam room. With a £15 joining fee, your initial first payment is over £40 and membership entitles you to discounted food and drink in the Castlefield Hotel. This peak monthly membership is a fixed term contract, so once you sign the dotted line you are obligated for the whole year. This could either encourage you to keep at it, when you really don’t wanna leave the sofa or could burn a hole in your pocket, so choose wisely. To make sure you are getting the best from your gym sessions, YClub include programme reviews as part of your membership to make sure you are reaching your goals as effectively as possible.



Unit 4A, Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN

18 12 19 Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness

Whether you are looking for functional, cardio or strength training, you can get it all for under £40 a month at Anytime Fitness. All the major equipment such as cross trainers, plyometric boxes, battle ropes and squat racks are available, plus every member gets a personalised 'Get Started Plan' when they join, as well as nutrition advice. They offer a free one day trial pass, open to anybody who is wanting to see whether Anytime is the gym for them. Also it's open 24/7, so no excuses.

Anytime Fitness

ÉNERGIE FITNESS | £19.99 per month plus £15 admin fee

77 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2BU

18 12 19 Energie Fitness Manchester

Sandwiched between Manchester Piccadilly station and Piccadilly Gardens, Énergie Fitness adopt a no-thrills approach to working out and are kitted out with all the latest equipment. A unique element of Énergie Fitness is their virtual classes which are included in your membership. If you sometimes get the fitness bug at silly o’clock but don’t want to leave the house, then Énergie offer over 800 virtual fitness classes for you to try. They also have their own app to help keep track of your workouts, enter yourself into their fitness challenges and keep in the loop of any exclusive member deals.

Energie Fitness

JD GYMS | £19.99 per month, no contract

Bridgewater House, Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 6LT

18 12 19 Jd Gyms Manchester

JD Gyms made a great first impression on Manchester this year. Earlier in 2018, they spent close to £2m on the fit-out in its Salford branch, plus renovated a spanking new gym on Whitworth Street with elite facilities. Under the tagline 'seriously stylish, seriously affordable', JD believes it boasts 'the city centre's best low cost gym'.  Though a budget gym, it features high-end equipment, including smart studios, saunas, a JD BURN area, plus a sprint and prowler track. There's also vast free weights and functional areas.  

JD GYMS Manchester

Sports Direct Fitness| £14.99 plus £20 joining fee (6 month fixed term contract) 

 Units 7 & 8, 55 King Street, Manchester, M2 4LQ

18 12 19 Sports Direct Gym Manchester
Sports Direct

Located on King Street, Sports Direct Fitness offer a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, cardio, resistance equipment and a functional training area all for under £20 a month. You are contracted to six months when you first join (plus a £20 joining fee) and after that, you must give three months notice before you can leave the membership. Although it is a cheap membership, you must be committed at the beginning and plan ahead if you want to dip out. The gym offers over 35 classes a week but these are at an additional cost. You could opt into a more expensive monthly membership of £19.99 if gym classes are crucial to your workout routine.

Sports Direct

Pure Gym | £14.99 plus £15 joining fee

90-100 Market Street, Manchester M1 1PD

18 12 19 Pure Gym Manchester
Pure Gym, Stretford

Unless you live under a rock, you will likely have heard of Pure Gym. No contracts, free wifi, 50+ different classes and 24/7 access, it's the UK's most popular budget gym. Pure Gym is very popular with students across Manchester, thanks to their discounts but for those of you in the adult world, a small fee of £14.99 is all they ask (plus a £15 joining fee). Pure Gym get straight to the point of making exercise fun and assessable for any budget.


The Gym | £12.99 (3 month introductory price - £16.99 afterwards)

Floor 2, Bank Chambers Faulkner Street, Manchester, M1 4EH

18 12 19 The Gym Portland Street
The Gym, Portland Street

For a limited time, The Gym based on Portland Road are offering a three month introductory price of £12.99 for 24/7 access to their facilities, free wifi and unlimited access to 40+ classes. After your 3 months is up, the membership will return to the standard price of £16.99 per month still making it hugely affordable. Much like other affordable gyms, The Gym do not have contracts as part of their membership so you can come and go, as you please. With over 170 pieces of high-tech equipment including cardio and resistance machines, they have everything you need to slim down or bulk up. This prime city centre located gym makes it easier than ever, to get into shape for 2019 while on a budget.

The Gym Group