Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse plans to cut through the confusion around diet and exercise

The wellness industry is booming. And in its wake pours a flood of conflicting information on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Eat more kale. Don’t eat before 10am. Drink kombucha. Work out once a day - actually three times a day, or perhaps eight. Or try standing on one leg for an hour before sunrise whilst sipping on a smoothie made from African snail slime and grass. 

Safe to say, navigating the sphere of wellness can be tiresome. With everyone sharing tips and tidbits on how to lead a better life, it can be hard to find the facts about what will really help you. After all, every body is different – just take a look at our #WhatIEat series for proof that fitness enthusiasts power their bodies with everything from protein to pizza. 

But now, a new Manchester initiative plans to punch through the confusion on how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Launched by NHS Doctor Jessicarr Moorhouse, TRIBE.MCR aims to offer a more accessible approach to health and fitness through Dr Moorhouse’s dynamic background in medicine, physiotherapy and mental wellbeing.  

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Whilst some fitness influencers’ credentials lie in their following of thousands, Dr Moorhouse backs her programmes with degrees in both medicine and physiotherapy, as well as a level 3 personal training qualification.    

“I currently work in Accident & Emergency and I am acutely aware of the effects of lifestyle factors on health,” explains Dr Moorhouse. “I am a true advocate for sustainable lifestyle interventions in the prevention and treatment disease.”

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TRIBE.MCR is founded by Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse

What sets TRIBE.MCR apart from other health and wellness brands is a combination of clinical experience, scientific knowledge and a holistic approach to exercise.

“TRIBE.MCR harnesses the power of movement and exercise to promote all aspects of health, including mental wellbeing and social connectivity,” explains Dr Moorhouse. “This concept is important to me on a personal level, in my current work as an NHS doctor and previously as a physiotherapist.

“There is significant evidence to support the wide-reaching effects of exercise and I feel such joy seeing my patients take up exercise, quite literally adding years to their life. These experiences inspired me to qualify as a level 3 personal trainer and to create TRIBE.MCR.”

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The innovative wellness brand offers personal and group training, corporate wellness, health and lifestyle education and community projects.

TRIBE.MCR’s community workout sessions will be held at Sadler’s Yard every Wednesday from 6.30pm. Tickets cost £6 and can be booked via Eventbrite.   

For more information about TRIBE.MCR, visit the website