Jarnae Blackett raids her refrigerator for natural beauty products

Whether we’re envying the filtered complexions seen on Instagram or trying to understanding the bewildering beauty jargon featured in over-priced skincare products, we all worry about our skin in some way. And most of us are led to believe that the secret to good skin is an expensive habit – but does it have to be? 

We’ve discovered ten natural ingredients likely to be found in your homes to help with a host of skin complications.


Avocado on toast? What about avocado spread on your face? It has been said avocado has many skin benefits that will help achieve that polished skin. Containing chlorophyll, water and vitamin E, avocados helps to reduce inflammation, promote softness and prevent wrinkles.  Try mashing the avocado into a creamy pulp and adding one tablespoon of honey. Then, you’re a step closer to gaining baby soft skin. (Don’t want to spend your day whipping up a homemade facemask? Try this)

18 06 28 Avocado Skincare
Forget avocado toast, try avocado face.

Aloe Vera

The exotic, Caribbean plant is known to be the king of curing of acne and helping with inflammation. When cracked open, the gooey gel-like substance helps with sunburns and is a skin soother ideal for the hot summer months.  

18 06 26 Aloe Vera Skincare Secrets
Sun burnt? Try aloe vera.

Mango Butter

Whilst making your midnight jam on toast (just me?), grab your Anchor butter and mix it with some slices of mango. Seriously. In less than three minutes, you’ll have made a simple yet superb face mask containing the optimal amount of vitamins (vitamin A) key to reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improving your skin’s overall youthful look.

18 06 26 Mango Butter Skincare Secrets
Lurpak and mangos - the best face mask.


Grandma’s personal favourite skincare product: lemon juice. The golden fruit can both be used for adding an extra zing to your salmon and treating blackheads and blemishes. Magical ingredients include vitamin C and citric acid that are essential for brightening and lightening skin discolouration. 

18 06 26 Lemon Skincare
Lighten up dark blemishes with lemon juice

Caster Oil

Who doesn’t long for lengthy eyelashes and impeccable eyebrows? Castor oil contains vitamin E, highly concentrated fatty acids and humectant properties – ingredients which help promote hair growth, reduces pigmentation and helps minimise the appearance of stretch-marks

18 06 26 Caster Oil
Want long eyelashes? Try caster oil


Who says seasoning is just for food?  An easy-to-do recipe of flour, milk, honey and turmeric can help to promote the reduction of pores and leave the skin feeling more tranquil and delicate.

18 06 26 Tumeric Skincare
Reduce your pores with turmeric

Sea Salt 

Sea Salt helps balance oil production and thwart bacteria that can instigate breakouts and acne. Adding a tablespoon of sea salt to warm water in a spray bottle and spritzing liberally on your face can help you gain flawless skin. Finally, an excuse to go on holiday.

18 06 26 Sea Salt Skincare


What can tea not cure? A tense day at work followed by a hot brew is more than healing. Unfortunately for some, we’re gifted with dark circles after periods of stress and can seem impossible to remove. Yet here’s a handy PG tip: tea bags contain caffeine, which shrink blood vessels around the eye, thus reducing puffiness and dark rings. Take two drained teabags, pop them on your eyes and relax.

18 06 26 Tea Skincare Secrets

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