Critically acclaimed photographer Lewis Khan is on the hunt for Manchester women with a side hustle

How do you spend your Saturdays - shopping at the Arndale, brunching with friends or grafting at your side hustle?

If you’re dedicated to the latter, then acclaimed portrait photographer Lewis Khan wants you.

Khan, who has worked with several major fashion houses including Chanel, has teamed up with JOB TODAY on the hunt for 'Manchester’s most inspirational women'. Ten lucky winners will be selected to feature in a London exhibition called ‘Saturday Girls’, which will champion the hard-working young women of the city who embrace part-time and weekend work to achieve their goals. 

2018 08 21 Lewis Khan Photography 2
Portrait photographer Lewis Khan wants to photograph Manchester women with sidehustles Instagram/lewis.khan

The closing date for applicants is 28th August 2018. Shooting will take place in September in Manchester, with the London exhibition showcasing in October. 

Whilst the side hustle – having a career-driving project alongside your main source of income – is a popular concept in the modern lifestyle, the concept was born out of a term coined decades career choice was born out of the ‘Saturday Girls, a term coined decades ago to describe women using part-time, weekend work to enhance their lives, prospects and financial freedom. Today, the Saturday Girls have evolved into more entrepreneurial, tech savvy women – many of which have more than one side hustle on the go.  

2018 08 21 Lewis Khan Photography
The acclaimed photographer Lewis Khan has worked with major fashion houses including Chanel Instagram/lewis.khan

The leading ladies will be shot by Lewis Khan, an expert at telling stories through portraiture. Khan is eager to capture the enduring strength, intelligence and empowerment of hardworking women through the lens. The stories of the ten chosen women will feature alongside their photographs and will be promoted across local and national media. Winners will also receive their top three portrait alongside £200 each.

How to apply for JOB TODAY’s 'Saturday Girl' London exhibition:

JOB TODAY is looking for women, aged between 16-29 years old, who have a weekend job to take part. They could be:

  • A student juggling multiple jobs around studies
  • A woman setting up her own business around a part-time job
  • A mother working weekends for flexibility around childcare
  • A woman who chose to not go to University and decided to build a career out of a weekend job

“We are excited to celebrate the hard-working and inspirational young women of Manchester with this Saturday Girls exhibition,” explains Polina Montano, Co-Founder & COO of JOB TODAY. “We will be capturing empowered young women who have embraced part-time and weekend work, that are using their job to really enhance their lives and share it with the nation”. 

2018 08 21 Lewis Khan Photography 3
JOB TODAY is hosting the competition to celebrate Manchester's female workforce Instagram/lewis.khan

So, whether you sell crafts on the side, have built up business before breakfast or you spend your weekends working towards your dream job, the ‘Saturday Girls’ exhibition wants you.

The competition closes on 28th August. Shooting will take place in September in Manchester.
Submit your applications here