Manchester model Chloe Bell gets creative with beans and greens in our new series #WhatIEat

New Body Confidential series sharing the daily eating habits of people living and working in Manchester. #WHATIEAT

Name: Chloe Bell

Age: 24

Occupation: Manchester based fashion model

Weekly shopping budget: £30 max 

How many meals do you eat in a typical day?

'Everyday is different to be honest. I normally eat about three meals a day but some days it could only be two or sometimes four. This year, I've been listening to my body and only eating when I'm hungry. I'm a big believer of intuition eating, if you learn to understand your body it will tell you when it's full and when it's hungry.'

How many calories do you consume daily?

'I really don't count calories anymore. I used to when I was younger and less educated on nutrition but now I prefer to think about how the food will make me feel. If it won't make me feel good or bring any nutritional value to my body I more than likely stay away from it.' 


'I see breakfast as quite literally 'breaking my fast', so I really listen to my body. I normally don't eat breakfast until 11am if I'm not working. 

'Some days I have a smoothie with banana, blueberries, spinach, peanut butter, some vivo life protein vanilla powder, some green powder mixed with water and maybe a drop of plant based milk. If not that, then more than likely rice cakes, peanut butter and mashed banana sprinkled with raw cocoa nibs... delicious.' 

18 07 18 What I Eat Vegan Model Peanut Butter Rice Cakes
Breakfast: rice cakes, peanut butter and mashed banana sprinkled with raw cocoa nibs... delicious.'

Lunch (dinner) 

 'Lunch is a hard one for me to say. I love it when I've got leftovers to eat from my tea the night before but if not then maybe falafel, pitta bread and hummus with some salad or sweet potatoes. Maybe some sushi or if I'm working then just a vegan sandwich. Lunch is probably my least favourite meal.'

Dinner (tea) 

'I love tea, it's the time I get most creative. I love bean based meals, like chickpea curry, Brazilian black bean stew, or Thai green curry normally served with rice and salad. I often have a jacket potato and make my own spicy chickpea sauce to eat along with some hummus and salad. Beans and greens are my staples along with some good carbs.'

(recipe for vegan blackbean stew)

18 07 18 Black Bean Stew
"I love bean based meals, like chickpea curry, or Brazilian black bean stew..."


'I normally go to the gym after my breakfast so I class that as my pre workout meal. I drink a coffee to get that extra kick for a good workout.'


'I try to get a protein shake in- like the one I have for breakfast - but it just depends how hungry I am, sometimes my lunch is my post workout meal. I just try to make sure I get some carbs, good fat and protein in after my workout.'  

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What's the biggest misconception about your diet?

' Where do you get your protein?'

' It's so expensive to eat vegan'

' It must be so hard to eat anything'

There are so many misconceptions. I eat more than enough protein. The only reason I take protein powder is because I lift weights and it's full of other nutrients too, like bcaa to help your body recover better after a workout.'

I look at a bacon sandwich and see suffering.

'Veganism is also so cheap - although yes some fake meats and dairy free products do cost a bit more. I recommend people opt for a whole food plant based diet, so you don't need meat alternatives. Get a bag of potatoes, a bag of rice, a bag of beans and use them as your stables, then add your spices to make them flavourful, it's really that easy. Use the fake meats and cheeses as a treat.'

'Veganism is changing, pretty much everywhere serves a vegan option. Even in McDonalds you can get a vegan burger."

Is your diet easy to stick to?

'I don't see it as a diet I see it as a lifestyle. Veganism is something I am super passionate about. I don't look at a bacon sandwich and see a sandwich, I look at a bacon sandwich and see suffering. So yes, it's very easy to stick to.'

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Favourite cheat food?

'My favourite cheat food is probably crisps, or a burger. Two of my favourite oven burgers are Quorn's vegan hot and spicy burgers or the Iceland 'No bull' burgers.'

Favourite place to eat in Manchester?

'Manchester is great for eating vegan, it's hard just to choose one.

- V Rev

- Yo sushi (they have a vegan menu)

- Bundobust

- Mowgli (they have a vegan menu)

- Go Falafel 

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