THE EDITORIAL team at Manchester Confidential are a tall bunch.

I stand at 5ft 10in and my Body Confidential co-writer, Niamh Spence, reaches 5ft 9in. The Ed, Jonathan Schofield, stands around 6ft 1in subject to what time of day it is and whether he's wearing a cuban heel, while David Blake, the long and wiry one (all arms and legs) peaks at 6ft 2in. Bet you feel all the better for knowing that.

Who knows whether loftiness is an editorial requirement? Most writers are lofty by nature. Par for the course.

Well, according to big boy clothing brand High and Mighty, this week is our big week, 'Hug A Tall Person Week'. Embrace us. The ‘UK’s number one retailer for big and tall menswear’ found in its research of 1000 people that 95.8% of women love giving tall guys hugs. Unfortunately for us taller ladies, 24% of men don’t like hugging girls taller than them. Unless they're Amazonian, but then they don't have a choice.Hug Survey

High and Mighty hug survey

The survey also found that more people, irrespective of height, want more hugging action. Don't underestimate the power of a good old fashioned squeeze. National surveys have found that hugs promote happiness and many relationships start after an embrace.

Funny that. Keep an eye out for more ground-breaking work from the Society for Hollow, Inconsequential and Trivial Statistics (S.H.I.T.S.)

Find out more about High and Mighty and its clothes for the taller and bigger man at or visit the Manchester store at 55 King St, Manchester, Greater Manchester. M2 4LQ.