From books to banking to cutting time online, Body Confidential on how to be your best self this year

You’ve sung in the new year with friends and family. Now it’s time to get back to business.

Whether 2019 is the year you want to stop getting ghosted or start your side hustle, it’s time to make the most of your New Year’s Resolutions.

From apps to cut your screen time to books to keep you focused, this list will ensure you have the most productive year yet. 


Whilst we could all probably do with cutting down on screen time, checking your phone isn't always bad. From mindfulness apps to digital wellness offerings, these apps will help you stay focused in 2019. 


Your head is like a hornets nest, swirling with information from the day’s events. You check your phone, check your emails, catch up on a podcast – but you can’t concentrate. You can’t take anything else in. You can’t even relax. Sound familiar?

Sometimes it can be difficult to cut out the noise of everyday life. But tuning out and having downtime is crucial to productivity, sleep and general wellbeing. We can’t function properly when we’re stressed.

Cue Headspace, a free meditation app designed to help you in your quest for calm. Relax with hundreds of bite-sized guided meditations that are perfect for busy schedules and offer help on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety. The app also has SOS exercises in case of sudden meltdowns. 

2018 12 18 Headspace


Spend less time scrolling through social media with this free app blocker. Moment tracks how long you spend on certain apps (Instagram, we’re looking at you…) and then sets daily targets to cut down your scroll time. If you go over your daily limit, a barrage of annoying notifications will flood your phone, warning you to switch off. You can also switch on notifications to encourage productivity and track family and friend’s progress. 

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Forget swiping through human-less profiles on Tinder and make 2019 the year you date properly. Introducing Hinge, the dating app that’s made for dating – not messaging your match for three weeks and then ghosting them or sliding into their DMs to send them explicit content. 

Hinge allows users to create fuller profiles, showcasing more of the person your matching with. Alongside the usual photos and career info, Hinge shows answers to three quirky questions, offering the perfect conversation starter. Users’ key credentials are also displayed – from age and height to drinking habits and kids – so no more lying about being 6ft7. As you match with more users, the app learns more about your preferred partner and serves you more tailored matches. If you want to stop getting ghosted in 2019, then make Hinge top of your New Year’s Resolutions. 

2018 11 21 We Asked A Dating Expert How To Flirt


Want to make 2019 the year you finally read more? Then tuck into one of these great reads.

Feminists don’t wear pink - Scarlett Curtis

Just as every girl has their own story to tell, no two people experience feminism in the same way. That’s why journalist Scarlett Curtis rounded up a series of female role models, from teenage activists to Hollywood actors, to deconstruct what feminism means today. Contributors include activist and supermodel Adwoa Aboah, actor and presenter Jameela Jamil and Youtube royalty Zoella. The book doesn’t try to be a feminist bible, but instead offers a variety of viewpoints on how feminism impacts our lives. Read it and then share it far and wide.  

2018 12 20 Scarlett Curtis


Mortgage, new car or just fancy treating yourself at Topshop - whatever you're saving for this year, squeeze every penny with these apps.


Splurged all your savings on last year’s festivities? Then its about time you get to grip with your savings. Hey big spender, meet Starling – your new banking app that will give you an honest account of your spendings. The app breaks down your finances into categories daily and monthly, highlighting just how much you’ve been forking out on Deliveroo this month. As well as updating instantly, the app let’s you request money from friends using a temporary URL (meaning no need to repeatedly WhatsApp your bank details) and will round-up your spending into savings pots to help you squirrel away savings. 


If you’ve ever asked “Where’s all my money gone?!” as you stare blankly at your dwindling bank balance, then you need to get Cleo. The AI acts like a virtual money-savvy friend, offering you tips and advice on your bank balance over Facebook’s Messenger. Message Cleo to ask how much is in your account, how much you’ve spent at a particularly retailer or whether you can afford to go out tonight, and she’ll give you a candid response – often with a cheeky gif or two.  


For those who love a discount coupon, Honey is a no-brainer. The free Google Chrome plugin scours the internet for the best deals on your favourite websites, so no more traipsing across money supermarket to bag a bargain. Just click the plugin icon when you’re ready to checkout and Honey will work its magic to find a valid discount code. 

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