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Gourmet cuisine meets optimum nutrition for your best shape ever

WISHING you could get into better shape but still enjoy your favourite foods? Wish no more, as world-leading body transformation specialists Ultimate Performance are making dreams a reality with their new premium meal preparation service, EatUP.

EatUP is designed for both pleasure and performance – so it delivers on taste as well as real results in the gym

EatUP is designed for both pleasure and performance – combining gourmet cuisine with optimum nutrition to help you reach your training goals, so it delivers on taste as well as real results in the gym. What’s more, it’s available for anyone who’s serious about getting in the best shape of their life, not just existing UP clients.

The programme not only takes the stress out of dieting, it also takes the hassle out of meal preparation, with ready-made meals delivered twice weekly to the city centre.

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The macronutrient profile of every EatUP meal is meticulously calculated by UP’s team of chefs and personal trainers, making the service ideal for fat loss, weight loss and lean muscle-building diets. Every meal is low carb, high protein and with a portion of healthy fats to support optimum body composition. Think Cocoa Beef Chilli or Turkey and Feta Meatballs, and even treats like Steak with Ratatouille or Spiced Hake and Crème Fraîche Sauce.

UP food consultant and professional chef Jenny Woodberry says: “The EatUP menu is the perfect marriage between flavour and fuel to get you in incredible shape.”

The menu has over twenty mouthwatering choices so you don’t get bored, and it changes regularly, with delicious and high-quality meals added every month. It all means you can eat and work out like a professional – and finally get the results that your efforts deserve…

Say hello to a lean, strong and toned new you!

Check out this week’s EatUP meals here.

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