FESTIVALS are the perfect time to throw caution to the wind and express yourself. 

Most at last weekend's Parklife Festival opted for short-shorts. The shortest denim shorts to ever be shorted. Shorts cut so high they’ve become thongs.

Fashionably speaking though, some take this to Madonna proportions and expressing yourself can mean anything from a leotard covered in marijuana leaves to a cone-shaped bra.

Although given free range, most at last weekend's Parklife Festival opted for short shorts. The shortest denim shorts to ever be shorted. Shorts cut so high they’ve become thongs.

The result was a lot of dimply under-butt on show. 

The 'all eyes on my ass' festival trend is reminiscent of the days of Britney Spears, with low rider jeans and g-string on show. It’s an era we’ll remember fondly but unlikely revisit.

While it's boring to be bashful come summer time (not shy of thigh and midriff exposure myself), here are the Parklifers who opted for seasonable festival trends other than under-butt. Think twinsets, grunge revival chokers, eye-catching hair accessories, kimonos, faux-boho tassels, braids, buns, bindis and good ole' wellington boots. 

Take a look at the gallery below:

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Festival Fashion 3

Festival FashionBindis and chokers 

DSC_05Festival Fashion463Twins in twinsets

Festival Fashion 1

Not just for school: braids are back for the summer

Dsc_0006Fancy festival dresses

Festival Fashion 5Functional and fashionable?

Dsc_0097Be bold with pink hair, a bindi and a can of Strongbow

Festival Fashion 2Hair accessories were popular at Parklife

Dsc_0115Pair a fancy frock with some wellies


Dsc_0062See-through rain macs to stay protected and show off your outfit...

Dsc_0063...and personalise your mac with your initials


Dsc_0143Men like short-shorts too

Festival Fashion 6...and short tops


Dsc_0105Ravers in neon


Dsc_0024Playsuits and netted cover-ups are great alternative styles

Dsc_0139Be boho

Dsc_0156Hats and Hunter wellies

Dsc_0037Make a statement with statement earrings



Dsc_0239If you're going to wear short-shorts, it's best to know how to work it.


Dsc_0029Keep cool with a kimono