IT’S ski season and all you need is two skis with two Cs...

Oh and £2,480.

Chanel Skis £2,480Chanel Skis £2,480

Designer Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, is currently showcasing this new collection with a Chanel pop-up store in Courchevel, France, complete with a catwalk resembling a ski slope.

Posh Skis For PoshPosh Skis For PoshThe fashion house knows the likes of Victoria Beckham enjoy looking the part on the slopes and not doing much actual skiing, so they’ve designed a range of ski accessories and alpine equipment.

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t say no to having the Chanel logo adoring the arm of my sunnies or emblazoned on a lovely quilted clutch, but on my skis? They must be piste.

And it doesn’t end there. When the snow has melted and you're off surfing, cycling or even strumming, Chanel has your look covered and your purse emptied.

Check out the gallery below.

Chanel Snowboard

Chanel Quilted Skis

Chanel Black Snowboard

Chanel Logo Skis

Chanel Skis