BEJEWELLED dresses have been everywhere this winter, from the catwalk to the high street with everyone from The Saturdays to Blake Lively sporting the trend.

The stones are worth over £4.9m individually...

Yorkshire-born designer Debbie Wingham’s latest design takes the trend to a whole new level. Wingham, who is no stranger to extravagant designs, created a black diamond dress worth over £3.5m and weighing in at 29lbs last year. Her new design however, sees her hit the £11.7m mark. Modelled on a traditional Islamic abaya, it is encrusted with the eye wateringly expensive red diamond.

Red Diamond Dress

The stones are worth over £4.9m individually, and are one of the rarest in the world with only one in every hundred million stones being naturally red, and typically only found every fifty years. Add to this 14 carat white gold thread and 2000 stones in which the dress is encrusted in total, and voila! there’s your hefty price tag.

The dress will be put on display in Raffles, Dubai, with Tijans atelier Dar Tijan in Dubai stocking Debbie’s designs from April, for those with some spare piles of cash lying around.