ORGANISATION isn't really my thing. I'd love to be one of those immaculately groomed ladies with a schedule of appointments that keep them looking fabulous but in reality, I'm more likely to wake up, realise my hair looks like a fright wig, and try and book an urgent haircut to remedy the situation.

Your hair can tell the difference

This is where the Pierre Alexandre app comes in. It really is a life-saver – or a hair-saver at least. Download the app, click on your favourite stylist and click on any available timeslot within the next twelve days. A text confirms the booking and that's it. Job done. Being a last-minute flibbertigibbet isn't even frowned on – in fact you get a 40% discount if you book an appointment for within 48 hours. Now there's an incentive for continuing with slap-dash habits.

Before Jo's hair before

I booked an appointment for a cut and colour with Michael, one of the directors, for the very next day – Friday at 2.30pm. In my book, this is the perfect time for a haircut so you can enjoy shiny salon hair ready for the weekend which rather gives the lie to the idea that last-minute appointments are only ever available at quarter to never on the seventh Tuesday in a month.

Pulling out my grey hairs was becoming untenable as I was getting through fistfuls of the stuff so I'd already called in for a patch test but as a colour virgin, I was nervous. (Note that you will need to leave 48hrs between your patch test and your appointment if you are a new client.) There was no need. As Michael talked me through different options, it was obvious I was in the hands of an expert.

I love the colour of my hair so I didn't want a radical overhaul but I did want those greys hiding.

Pierre colourPierre Alexandre 

The end result was exactly what I was after. It was my own hair, only better. The golden copper tones were a richer, more vibrant version of my natural colour, only without the greys. The organic Italian Silky colour that was used was as good as its name; my hair felt softer and smoother.

In fact all of the products did a great job of looking after my hair and they smelt great. The Alterna Ten shampoo and conditioner was a real treat that is packed full of active natural ingredients. At Pierre Alexandre there is no cutting corners on products, everything is top quality and believe me, your hair can tell the difference.



The cut and the finish were immaculate. My hair is fine but there is a lot of it so it takes ages to section off. It was a truly professional cut. The dead ends and frizz-build up were gone and for once, I looked like one of those immaculately groomed women. Pierre Alexandre, you've changed me but with your easy-to-use app, I don't need to change my disorganised habits.

The total cost of my new look was just £81. That includes: Colour Tailoring which is usually £75 but only £45 with the last-minute discount and Cut & Finish which is usually £60 but only £36 with the last-minute discount. That was with Michael, one of the directors. With a senior stylist the total price would have been £69 or with a stylist, £63.

Save 40% on hair appointments with Pierre Alexandre’s app, download the app for Android or iPhone

Before and AfterBefore and After


Before and AfterBefore and After


Pierre Alexandre’s Director MikeyPierre Alexandre’s Director Mikey