WHEN Christian Louboutin, one of the world's most successful and revered shoe designers, heads to your city to make an appearance, you turn up with bells on, in your best frock and, if you're lucky, a pair of your best red-soled pigalles.

We didn't have to wait to this long for Jimmy Choo...

On Friday 25 September Louboutin made an appearance at Selfridges Exchange Square to visit his new dedicated shoe boutique within the department store. Manchester now owns one of the biggest Louboutin boutiques outside of London. This, we're told, is a very big deal; the coveted shoes are only available in this store.

Manchester's paps, bloggers and journo-types quickly flocked to catch a glimpse of the man responsible for some of the sexiest and widely plagiarised shoes on the planet.

"We didn't have to wait this long for Jimmy Choo..." grumbled one poised and ready paparazzi before the man himself turned up. 

As celebrity appearances go this was brief. Very brief. Even beating Victoria Beckham's very short and sweet Selfridges appearance last year (she posed, circled the store and bounced). 

Louboutin stood outside his new store display and beamed. The crowd cooed with glee and awe. He bid a humble au revoir and promptly left the crowd wanting a little more.

One of his famed lines would have sufficed. Maybe, 'A woman can carry a bag but a shoe carries a woman' perhaps? 

Still we'd very much like a pair of your heels, Mr Louboutin. 

The Parisian designer wore a classic beret (in red, of course), paired with a dashing speckled grey suit. 

Here he is...