Takeaways, taxis and forking out for mates leave Brits spending £6,500 a year

Come Friday, many the millennial can be seen flying out from stifling offices, eager to slurp up the weekend vibes through bottles of bubbles and beer. Going out on a Friday night is second nature, like breathing or eating avocados. Nothing can beat the buzz of a good night out... except a depleted bank balance come Saturday morning. 

You only budgeted £50, but I bet your rock-bottom bank balance you spent a heck of a lot more. If you love both getting sloshed and spending dosh, then a Friday night out is a recipe for disaster – and now a survey has revealed just how much your weekend benders are really costing you.

How much is your boozy weekend really costing you? 

Brits official budget for nights out is £100 per week (£5,200 a year)

Plus a few *little* extras including…

Dirty takeaways you wish you hadn't eaten - £340

Splashing out on Ubers rather than getting the last bus home - £280

Rounds of sticky shots that fill you with regret - £174

Losing cash you don’t even remember getting out of the cash point - £192

Coughing up cash for that friend that never remembers their wallet (and knowing full well you’ll never get it back) - £145

Footing the bill for food with pals because you’re feeling drunk and generous - £170

Paying for all your mates, their partners and extended relatives to get into the club - £88

TOTAL = £6,589 A YEAR

A nationwide survey has revealed that 18-35 year olds spend £6,500 a year on boozy nights out, hitting the town on average twice a week. Whilst many budget £50 (£5,200 a year on average), the survey revealed that 78% of respondents routinely go over their budget after the alcohol starts flowing, splashing a further £1,389 a year on things they did not plan to spend money on.

According to the poll, young Brits fork out an additional £340 a year on fast food gluttony they regret come morning. As much as £174 a year is splurged on impromptu rounds of shots they wish they’d never bought - and £280 on taxis when they intended to catch the last bus or train.

2018 5 29 Prosecco Glitter Amy Shamblen
18-35s spend an average of £6,500 a year on nights out

77% of those surveyed revealed they always wake up with feelings of dread over how much money they spent

In an average year, young Brits will also 'lend' £145 to so-called pals they will never see again, fork out £88 paying for friends to get into clubs and waste £170 treating friends to food because they were deliriously drunk and generous. Suddenly, entertaining that mate that always conveniently forgets their wallet doesn’t seem so fun.

Aside from the usual hangover drunken dread the morning after the night before, many young people also reek of regret regarding their bank balances the next day. 77% of those surveyed revealed they always wake up with a feeling of dread about how much money they have spent.

And as a result, almost half (49%) of those in relationships say they regularly lie to their partner over how much money they have wasted on their night out.

Of the 2,000 young adults polled by sellmymobile.com, 85% said they often think their money could be put to better use than spending it on nights out, with as many as 90% complaining they are currently in debt due to their lifestyle.

The boozy lifestyle isn’t just damaging on your body and bank account. The poll also showed 27% of Brits have smashed their phone on a night out in the last year, while 26% have ruined an expensive piece of clothing and 19% have lost jewellery. 22% have lost their coat, 9% have misplaced their handbag and a bizarre 8% have even managed to lose their shoes...