Tori Attwood wears a full face of makeup to hot yoga

Okay, I admit it. I am one of those girls that wears makeup to the gym.

Not the heavy duty, borderline-bulletproof Friday night kind of makeup, but makeup nonetheless. Hormonal breakouts mean that whether I’m hitting the shops, gym or office, foundation, eyeliner and mascara are three things that I sadly never leave the house without.  

So, when I heard about the wonder that is sweat-proof makeup, I was eager to try it out – who wouldn’t want a flawless face that stays in place regardless of the day’s agenda? I decided to put three brands to the test.  


2018 5 13 Sweatproof Makeup Before
SportFX makeup BEFORE hot yoga...
2018 4 13 Sweatproof Makeup During
...during hot yoga...
2018 4 13 Sweatproof Makeup After
... SportFX makeup AFTER hot yoga

Whilst many high street brands punt so-called gym-worthy cosmetics, SportFX is designed to work around your active lifestyle. The website offers breathable formulas that promise to work as hard as you do, from natural-looking makeup to essential skincare. I opted for the Balance Boosting BB Cream (£12.99) – a vitamin-infused cocktail designed to re-hydrate skin and blur imperfections, with green coffee bean extract to boost collagen levels by 76%. To support coverage, I tried the SportFX Core Cream Concealer (£8.99), which is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce puffiness and dark circles. To set, SportFX Performance Powder and Bronzer Compact Duo (£14.99), a mattifying and oil-absorbing powder and bronzer that promises to give a flawless finish.  

2018 4 13 Sport Fx Bb Cream 2018 4 13 Sport Fx Core Cream Concealer 2018 4 13 Sport Fx Powder Compact Duo


2018 4 13 Eyeliner Before
MEMI eye makeup BEFORE hot yoga
2018 4 13 Eyeliner After
MEMI eye makeup AFTER hot yoga

Yorkshire brand MEMI may be new on the beauty scene, but the millennial-inspired makeup is already proving popular thanks to its premium quality and affordable prices. Not only are products ethical, but also proofed against the modern lifestyle – including smudge, water and fitness resistant Volume Mascara (£10) and Expert Liner (£10). 

2018 4 13 Memi Liquid Liner 2018 4 13 Memi Mascara


After wearing the makeup through a fifteen minute intense abs class and then a 5k run outside, I had barely a healthy glow illuminating my face. So far, so good. So, I decided to put the makeup to the ultimate test: hot yoga.

Nothing says sweat fest like a downward dog beneath rows of suspended infrared heaters at the Life Centre. Hot yoga doesn’t just make you sweat, it makes you pour. So how would the so-called sweat-proof makeup hold up?

Surprisingly well.

Though I was undeniably a hot mess post-workout, my make-up had managed to stay on my face. The SportFX foundation and concealer had slipped a little on my problem areas – most noticeably a cluster of breakouts on my chin – but, once my face calmed from its inflamed red hue, it was clear that I still had a layer of foundation on. I had found the SportFX makeup a little tricky to apply due to its thick, sticky texture, meaning it needs to be dabbed onto the skin and so is a little tricky to blend.

The winning product was the MEMI liquid eye-liner, as it miraculously managed to stay put despite the buckets of sweat that tipped from my forehead into my eyes. Not only can the liner be commended for its sweat-resistant formula, but the application brush – which is reminiscent of a thin felt tip – makes it easy to quickly build dramatic colour with depth. Though the MEMI mascara did smudge a little under my eyes, it was barely noticeable.