The Manchester independent’s handcrafted jackets cost around £500

Chances are you’re not thinking about leather jackets at present. 

The UK heat wave has commanded a succession of cotton t-shirts and linen dresses and you’ve forgotten what life was life before 25-degree heat. Regardless, the smart-shopper gets thinking about their September investment items right away. Especially leather jackets. It’s wise to invest in a good one now.

Bang on cue, Manchester’s ‘leather jacket royalty’ BODA Skins are offering the perfect opportunity to bag one of their coveted leather jackets with a generous discount this summer.

18 07 10 Boda Skins Sample Sale August Jpg
Boda Skins

From the 3-4 August, the locally-based team are hosting a one-off sample sale at Royal Exchange Theatre. Handcrafted in artisan mills and made with premium Napa sheepskin, the average BODA skins jacket can cost in the region of £500 (so world's apart from your Topshop knock-off then).

It's safe to say that the 80% discount could go a long way on a premium purchase that should last a lifetime.

The sample sale will be offering both male and female jackets at discount, with a range of sizes and styles available. Seen on a host of familiar faces (from the Kardashians, Olivia Palermo to Jake Quickenden, Cheryl Cole...) the jackets are said to fit 'like a second skin'. 

You can find the BODA Skins sample sale at Royal Exchange Theatre on Friday 3 August (10am - 6pm); Saturday 4 August (10am - 6pm).