About the blog:
Summed up by the blogger in just nine words as ‘sticky notes left to their fate in public places’, Things We Forget is exactly that.

Things We Forget PosterThings We Forget PosterShort, motivational quips that we perhaps pay more attention to because they aren’t being lectured to us by our mothers. Think of it as a series of daily New Year’s resolutions where the chances of you taking heed of the (very wise) advice is a lot more likely because it concentrates on bettering yourself rather than giving up chocolate.

About the blogger:
Maintaining complete anonymity – the blogger has two blogs of a similar post-it note format, the other ‘The Plan Today’ uses a bit more word count and is a bit more philosophical but both are pretty similar with their motivational mantras. Things We Forget has also been published as a book which gives you an idea of how successful these post-it notes are.

Why do we love it:
Don’t get me wrong, some of them are a bit twee and cliché but if you’re having one of those days where you feel like the world’s against you and nothing ever goes right for you then it’s very motivational in a makes-you-feel-bad-for-being-a-moaning-Myrtle kind of way. Which is, surely, a good thing? Plus we all love post-its. 

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