About the blogger:

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and none more so than on the various consumer-to-consumer online shopping sites.

Regretsy serves as a comical watchdog of craft sites such as Etsy, lampooning their worst offerings for all and sundry.

In their own words, it’s ‘where DIY meets WTF.’

Set up by American actress April Winchell in 2009, Regretsy reportedly had 90 million hits in its first four days suggesting it’s a blog handmade and second-hand shopping victims have been crying out for.  

Why do we love it?

You know that story of someone trying to sell a half eaten Pot Noodle on eBay? There are plenty more where that came from.

The posts on this blog get more ludicrous by the day and comments left by readers are equally amusing, for example: “This reminds me of the time I saw an $85 painting of a corndog and didn’t buy it.”

Forget the good, the bad and the ugly, Regretsy introduces you to the ‘vintage’, the worthless, and the quite frankly unsanitary...

Best posts?

Cloudy Judgement – Lady’s 14k white gold diamond engagement ring. $3800.

Cloudy JudgementCloudy Judgement

Regretsy says: The proposal, the engagement party, it all happened so fast… the whole thing was a blur.

Hurry, supplies are limited - Cat toy. $2.08

Hurry, supplies are limitedHurry, supplies are limited

Regretsy says: I’m strongly considering buying this so I can deconstruct it and figure out how to make my own.

Just the tip – Finger warmer, 100% grey Icelandic wool with lots of character. Limited edition. €10.

Just the tipJust the tip

Regretsy says: I got one of these last week. I really like it, but only one finger stays warm, which isn’t that convenient. I guess I’ll have to buy 4 more.

You know what would be great – and this is totally just blue sky here – but what if you could connect them all? Maybe even cover the back of the hand and palm too? I don’t know. It’s probably not even possible! I guess that’s why I don’t have an Etsy store.

When it rains, it pours – Reduced beautiful vintage French small umbrella with carved bamboo handle. $59.

When it rains it poursWhen it rains it pours

Regretsy says:This is a cute little umbrella!” said no one in the world, ever.

Under the Big Top – Milktent TM breastfeeding cover. Comfortable and secure. $60.

Under the Big TopUnder the Big Top

Regretsy says: “What the hell are you feeding, a sea lion?”

Shit one, purl two – Crocheted toilet paper. Sold.

Shit one, purl twoShit one, purl two

Regretsy says: “Oh that is fun! Usually I just use the guest towels when we’re out of toilet paper. Hey you know what would really be fun? Matching gloves. You could use them on camping trips.

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