About the blog: While the title adopts the Ronseal approach - very no nonsense and definitely no beating around the bush - there's a bit more to 'I Found Your Pen' than just images of, in their own words, ‘lost writing implements’.

First of all, the blog is made up of a reel of amateur (and pretty poor quality) videos wherein the narrator, Vincent Murphy, details how, where and when the pens were found in hope of returning them to their rightful owners.

Starting out in 2004, the previous blog site was lost when the server went down taking with it five years of archive (and a whole load of lost pens), but in October 2009, Vincent Murphy and co resumed their do-good blog and continued to help the nation find that old biro they left on the bus.

Lost Pens End Up In Pen Heaven. Or On This Blog.Lost Pens End Up In Pen Heaven. Or On This Blog.

About the blogger: The voice behind the videos is, Vincent Murphy, who took over the blog in 2009 and dedicates his time to ‘reuniting lost writing implements with their owners’ via the detailed accounts and descriptions of the nation’s ‘Most Wanted Pens’.  

Why do we love it: The attention to detail in the narration is funny, especially how the personality of the owner is predicted just from finding a stray pen in the monotonous voice of Vincent which only adds to the comic relief of the whole charade.

This, and the fact the videos aren't all singing and dancing and were probably filmed off a camera phone just seems to add to the appeal of forwarding on the next pen you find to see if it ever gets claimed. And the fact that it’s a blog based on something so trivial as a pen is pretty clever.

Best posts:

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- For visitors. This is not Ifoundyourpencil. No pencils please

- Child-like and, to be brutally honest very childish pen found in St Pancras graveyard

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