WE all know how we're supposed to sit at work to avoid strains. Just like we all know how we're supposed to carry our bags to keep back ache away. But how many of us actually follow the guidelines?

Their fourteen-strong team includes physiotherapists, sports rehabilitators, chiropractors, personal trainers, and holistic therapists

The result is that there's a whole lot of people out there with low-level, niggling pain. Sometimes it keeps us awake at night, other times we manage to ignore it, forgetting how much better we'd feel if we sorted it out once and for all.

At Anatomy Manchester, a health and well-being centre in Chorlton, they specialise in curing us of those aches, sometimes subtle, sometimes not, that make us feel less than tip-top. They describe their work as 'fixing people'. And that can mean everything from guitar players with repetitive strain injury, to a victim recovering from a car crash, to an office worker with poor desk posture. 

Their fourteen-strong team includes physiotherapists, sports rehabilitators, chiropractors, personal trainers, and holistic therapists. When you go for a consultation there, they'll match you up with the expert or experts best suited to treating your particular needs.

For those of us with that modern bugbear of a stiff, tight neck and aching shoulders – usually the result of sitting hunched over a laptop computer for hours – they might recommend a course of deep tissue massage.

1Or if your fitness regime has left you limping, they may put you in the hands of one their experienced rehabilitators, who will pass you over to their personal trainer once your injury's cause and symptoms have been treated.

And if you're suffering from mental rather than physical strain, they will set you up with one of their holistic therapists who offer treatments such as relaxation massage, reflexology, and hopi ear candles.

These therapies are commonly found in spas where they're seen as a pampering treat. While Anatomy fully embraces the pampering side of these therapies (the centre is as tranquil as any spa), they see them as more than just a luxury. Here they're viewed as an important part of maintaining your health and happiness.

Dsc00049And while a spa may offer the same treatments, they're unlikely to take the same interest in your overall well-being as the team at Anatomy.

Their team are motivated by the idea of changing lives.  This might mean something simple like giving an over-worked parent a chance to stop and regain perspective, or it might mean curing a client's persistent headaches by releasing tension in their shoulders and neck.

If you're not feeling at your best, whether you're physically or mentally run-down, they can help you regain your strength.

Anatomy is currently offering Confidential readers an hour's Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage for just £25 (an £11 saving). Find out more at our Anatomy Manchester pages.