Sinead Hughes launched Stripped skincare after her natural home remedy cleared her severe acne

Toothpaste. Sudo-cream. Apple cider vinegar. 

You name it and chances are I’ve tried it against my acne breakouts. As a desperate teen with a raging breakout before a date, I even tried a spritz of window cleaner, an idea sparked by the release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2012 (spoiler alert: household cleaning products to do not, I repeat do not, clear bad skin).

But whilst there are some home treatment fads that are best to steer clear of – toothpaste is for your teeth, folks – some of them do strike gold. For Sinead Hughes, experimenting with skincare at home not only cleared her skin, but inspired the launch of a new beauty brand.

Hughes had suffered with severe adult acne for years...

“I started Stripped after suffering from adult acne and becoming frustrating with false claims and the lack of transparency from beauty brands,” the Urmston-born beauty entrepreneur explains. “I wanted to know exactly what was in my products and why, so I studied for a diploma in natural skincare formulation and started to make my own products.”

Hughes had suffered with severe adult acne for years, but found that her natural formulations helped calm breakouts better than any other product on the market. 

“After phenomenal results with my own skin, and friends loving the products too, I decided to launch the brand to try and help others with acne and those looking for 100% natural, vegan skincare.”

2019 01 22 Stripped Skincare 3
The brand is natural, ethical and vegan-friendly

Stripped offers gentle everyday products made without harmful chemicals or powerful synthetics. 100% natural oils and butters are staple ingredients in the range, with popular products including Rosehip & Mandarin Moisturising Oil (£16.00) and Calendula & Mandarin Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil (£15.00). Prices range from £4.50 to £16 per item, or customers can purchase the full set for £40. 

19 01 23 Stripped Skincare 2
Stripped skincare products contain 100% natural oils and butters

With concerns over packaging at the forefront of beauty conversations, Hughes has been inspired to take a more conscious approach. After being formulated and manufactured in the UK, the range is packaged in recyclable glass bottles and aluminium tins. The eco-friendly collection is also sustainably and responsibly sourced, and is cruelty-free - none of the ingredients have, or ever will be, tested on animals. The brand has snapped up two beauty awards since launching in 2016.

2019 01 22 Stripped Skincare 4
The stylish packaging has been designed by Bolton-born illustrator Dom&Ink

Standing out in the competitive world of beauty can be a struggle for start-up brands, so Hughes recruited the help of Bolton-born fashion illustrator Dominic Evans to create a distinguished brand identity.

“We really wanted cool looking products that you’d be proud to display in your bathroom, and that’s exactly what we got from Bolton-born illustrator Dom & Ink. His illustrations set us apart from any other beauty brand.”

Though the range is small, Stripped offers a back-to-basics approach to skincare with a capsule collection of five cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising products for the face perfect for those with oily, combination skin. It’s simple, but simple really works.

2019 01 22 Stripped Skincare Collection
The capsule collection is simple but effective

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