From Kanye West-themed dating to finding love through hate, these 5 apps could revive your dating game

Singledom in Manchester can be a turbulent trip.

On the one hand, Mancs are a loved-up kind; an optimistic 53% believe it’s easy to find love, according to a Time Out survey. Manchester men are also five times more likely to download a dating app than women – so getting Tinder matches by the dozen should be a doddle. The city centre has singletons a plenty; the 2011 census placed Manchester within the top 10 areas for single people in the UK. So far so good for the singleton.

Then on the other hand, we’re a kinky bunch; 84% of Mancs think it’s easy to find a quick shag, the Metro has reported that Manchester is the top city to get cheated on and the Daily star thinks we’re all sex-toy mad (crikey).

The conclusion? Perhaps Manchester is the rose-tinted love capital, a haven for finding whatever your heart desires – divine, dirty or anything in between – where romance blossoms between lust-hungry singletons amidst the bustle of Market Street. Or perhaps all these surveys are a load of old tosh.

If, despite the apparent odds that Manchester is a sex-crazed capital, your love life is still lacking, then rest-assured, we have the answer. Forget Tinder - these new app releases should revive your dating game for the spring season.

For Game Enthusiasts

Manchester-made Jigtalk promises to put the fun back into the dating game. The new dating app combines an addictive mobile game with a dating agenda – users’ faces are covered with a 16-piece puzzle, with a piece removed every time a message is sent. The app hopes to shift the superficial perspective other apps have given dating (Tinder, we're looking at you). Users are encouraged to get to know each other, prioritising personalities over looks.

2018 4 11 Jigtalk Dating App

Kanye West Themed Dating

There is no greater love than the love that Kanye has for, well, himself. So, what better way is there to spruce up your love life than by taking note from the self-absorbed rap sensation? Introducing Yeezy dating, a new dating sight for fans who love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye. The new fan sight was the brainchild of a Kanye West superfan and will fully launch later this month, but keen singles can register for early access (no Taylor Swift fans allowed).    

2018 4 11 Kanye West Dating App
For [self]love like Kanye's, try Yeezy Dating

For Pet Lovers 

It’s me or the dog – a dating ultimatum that no pooch-loving professional should ever be forced to make. Fortunately, the dating market now caters to animal lovers, regardless of furry baggage. From the likes of – like but with an animal angle – to Twindog, an app that matches you with fellow dog walkers and owners in the area. If locking leashes with a fellow animal lover is a romantic fantasy you'd rather pursue offline, then animal lovers can always head to the Cat Café (Northern Quarter) - which has been known to dabble in First Dates style events - or the Central Bark Dog Café (Wythenshawe).   

2018 4 11 Datemypet Dating
Find fellow animal lovers

For Finding Love Through Hate 

If you find you spend most of your free time trolling Tories and ranting about the economy, then perhaps you’re going about the whole dating fiasco wrong. Instead of finding a significant other that cherishes your passions, perhaps you need a fellow miserable sod that hates people who put their makeup on in public just as much as you do. Introducing Hater; the app for people who want to find love through hate. Grumbling cynics can swipe through the things they hate before getting paired up with people who loathe on the same level.    

2018 4 11 Hater Dating App
Find love through hate with Hater

Fitness Fanatics 

Gym-goers rejoice; there is now a way to meet fellow fitness fanatics, without having to lurk in the shadows of the weights corner. Sweatt is a dating app for those on a quest for that special someone that will love both you and your gym schedule. Users answer a few simple questions about their fitness schedule, from how often you work out to what you do, before being matched with suitably fit singletons. For offline encounters, the dating circuit offers fitness-inspired mixers for singletons, with a speed-dating style activities revolving around circuits workouts.  

2018 4 11 Sweatt Dating App 2
Find fellow gym lovers on Sweatt