Ever wanted to announce your single status from the top of 20 Stories? Just us?

Oh, it's Valentine's Day is it? Just another Thursday for the singletons amongst us. Though Manchester is great city to be single in, especially if you're a millennial. You've got your pick of the NQ cool characters, 'vegan baes' in Chorlton, the smart folk in Spinningfields...the city really is your oyster. In fact, why are we single again?

Whether you've been looking for love in all the wrong places (Revs De Cuba on a Saturday night...) or you've committed yourself to a life of solitude (table for one at Salvi's), we've listed 25 things you might identify with if you're young, single and living in Manchester.

1) You've romanticised meeting a vegan bae over the last artichoke at Chorlton's Unicorn. 'But could our love withstand a life without cheese?'
2) You've decided to get in quick with a young millennial entrepreneur at a funky new start-up, so you've started hanging out at one of those trendy co-working spaces
3) You've glammed up in a Missguided outfit to stand out in China White to get upstaged by a better Pretty Little Thing outfit
4) Ever considered announcing single status from the top of 20 Stories? Just us?
5) You spend hours chatting to your Tinder match, then ignore them when you see them on Market Street. Then wonder why you’re still single
6) You’re a strong, independent woman but, if someone wants to take you on a date to The Ivy and pay the extortionate bill, that’d be fine
7) You’re a strong independent woman but, if someone wants to pay for your Uber home from Ancoats to Deansgate, that's OK too
19 02 13 Single In Manchester 2
8) You definitely didn’t join the Spinningfields' Pure Gym ‘cause you heard the fit bloke to treadmill ratio is high…honest
9) Going to Dukes 92 in the summer is like playing a live action version of Bumble, Tinder and Hinge in real life. 'Swipe left, swipe left... abort! abort!'
10) Somehow 'one drink' at the Molly's House turns into a drunken adventure in the Gay Village's leather bar
11) If they go 'out out' at Deansgate Locks on a Tuesday night, they're too young for you. Just saying 
12) Your dating profile suggests you like to do cultured activities at Manchester's HOME theatre, when you're really more of a 'stay at home' sort of person
13) Being single is cool but splitting the rent on your expensive Northern Quarter flat would be even cooler
Piccadilly Gardens Mud Img 4884
14) Being stuck under a sweaty armpit on a packed tram is as intimate as it's getting this Valentine's Day
15) ‘I know this cool new place’ definitely means you’re going on a date in a Northern Quarter bar (that you've already heard of)
16) There's nothing quite as unappealing as a 'romantic' stroll through Piccadilly Gardens
17) Sometimes the Piccadilly Gardens' loiterers shouting 'ay babes!' is the most attention you've got in weeks
18) You've had widen your net to include Wigan but you're not happy about it
19) Your latest Tinder match suggests meeting up at Castlefield's White Lion pub... now you're unsure if they're being ironic or a murderer
20) Are you even Mancunian if your 'interesting' date-chat doesn't include a reference to Oasis at some point? Sigh...
21) You're a Red but they're a Blue... how will this love survive across enemy lines? It's like bloody Capulets and Montague out here 
22) Your very cool new 'muso' babes takes you to a live jazz night at Matt and Phreds but you absolutely deplore jazz music
23) Ever pretended to understand what a V-press/frothy/coffee making thingamajig is to impress a Grindsmith barista?
24) You've had to abruptly end a new romance because they've suggested a night out at the Birdcage. Your love knows no bounds until it means going near the Printworks 
25) Being genuinely concerned your latest blind date could be the 'Manchester Canal Pusher'