ONE million pounds worth of fake and potentially dangerous hair straighteners and hair dryers have been removed from shops and markets by Manchester trading standards officers.

Dozens of large boxes full of fake ghd straighteners and dryers (as well as blank straighteners along with the hologram stickers, pouches and presentation boxes needed to convert them into fakes), were discovered after Manchester City Council raided a premises on Hazelbottom Road in Cheetham on Thursday 11 September.

"Counterfeit items are invariably shoddy, while fake electronic products are often downright dangerous"

Accompanied by Greater Manchester Police and representatives from the ghd brand protection team, the raid followed after Border Force detained a large delivery of suspicious items at Manchester Airport’s freight centre earlier in the week.

Cllr Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council’s deputy leader, said: "The counterfeit industry is part of a highly organised criminal network, and the people who were storing these goods were in all likelihood preparing for the Christmas rush, starting in a few months’ time.

"Counterfeit items are invariably shoddy, while fake electronic products are often downright dangerous – so had these items not been removed from the shelves there may well have been thousands of people left incredibly disappointed or even badly injured on Boxing Day.

"We will continue to work closely with the police and other agencies to crack down on those involved in this trade over the coming months."


Fake Ghds DangerousFake ghds straighteners are potentially dangerous


Linda Paul, Assistant Director for Border Force, said: "We are pleased that we could work with our partners to uncover such a large operation that would have left customers out of pocket with inferior and possibly dangerous goods as well as causing damage to legitimate businesses and traders.

"Border Force will continue to play a key role in fighting and disrupting serious and organised crime and protecting the UK’s economy."

A spokesman for the ghd brand said: "Ghd take the issue of counterfeiting very seriously. Our dedicated brand protection team work closely with customs, trading standards and the police on a regular basis and we are grateful for their support in this matter.

"The team’s number one priority is to protect ghd consumers by preventing the importation and sale of potentially dangerous counterfeit goods."

GMP also arrested two illegal immigrants who were found working at the premises.