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A dietician’s advice: Eat pasta, run faster with Vapiano

At Vapiano, we have teamed up with registered dietician and nutritionist, Dr Sarah Schenker, to highlight some of our dishes which could form an important part of your dietary and fitness plan if you’re a runner, cyclist, body builder or partake in any sport. They’re lovely too. Eating well doesn’t have to be hard work.

Here’s how to eat pasta and run faster with Vapiano:

Pasta Bolognese

This dish is ideal in the lead up to the big race. The pasta delivers plenty of carbohydrate to build stores of glycogen in the liver and muscles whilst the beef provides protein for muscle strength and repair. It’s also a good source of iron to aid with the transportation of oxygen in red blood cells. Finally, the tomatoes contain beta carotene, needed to protect cells from oxidative damage — which can be increased in runners — and boost immunity.

Pasta Pomodoro

This is the dish to eat the night before. Great for carb loading, it delivers the last top up of glycogen to try and avoid hitting the wall. It’s an easily digested meal — ideal if your tummy is feeling as nervous and unsettled as you are.

Rucola Ravioli

The race is over and you’re elated. Elated and tired. But how do you help your body recover after what you’ve just put it through? Rucola ravioli is the answer. The pasta will build your glycogen stores back up to help muscles recover whilst the whey protein in the ricotta delivers amino acids that are effective in combatting muscle soreness.

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Why not make Vapiano part of your training regime?

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