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Half-price food heaven this January at The Pen and Pencil

50% off all food at The Pen and Pencil Monday to Wednesday in January*

The food served at The Pen and Pencil already offers some of the best bang for your buck you’ll find in the Northern Quarter. Quality ingredients, treated with love and served at a price that makes a meal at our place an essential part of anyone’s week.

But now, with 50% off Monday to Wednesday you’ll be coming back so often we’ll have to put your name on the seat. A little golden plaque saying so-and-so sat here and devoured ‘nduja baked eggs ten times in January. At only £4.75 this winter, that seems perfectly reasonable to us.

Do you think there’s room to extend the inscription? It could go something like this: And so-and-so came back three times for grilled salmon with roasted winter veg, twice for a burger (a Mexican black bean one and a brisket one, if you’re asking) and twice for our Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.

During our period of 50% off midwinter madness, all those meals would tot up to less than £45 for seven meals out*. Not eating at The Pen and Pencil would be midwinter madness it turns out.

The question is, will you enjoy enough meals at The Pen and Pencil this January to earn a golden plaque screwed on to your chair by our own fair hands?

Disclaimer: we are highly unlikely to screw a gold plaque on to any of our seats by our own hands or indeed anyone else’s but you will enjoy a right good feed for a ridiculously low price.



*Booking is highly recommended.

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