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Sigiriya's Summer Specials

Experience the flavours of a sultry summer in Sri Lanka with Sigiriya's new menu of specials.

Exotic ingredients such as cuttlefish and jackfruit are mixed with spices and chillies to create distinctive but light dishes, perfect for the warmer weather.

Try our vegan jackfruit burger with its pulled-pork taste, or our Maalu vadiya seafood salad with its combination of cuttlefish, haddock and prawns. We use authentic recipes and cook everything from scratch to give you a real taste of Sri Lankan cuisine.

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Milkshakes (Vanilla / Chocolate) (M) (E) £5.50

Iced Coffee (M) (E) £5.50

Iced Ceylon Tea £4.00


Soup of the day £6

Please ask your server for daily special soup

Jackfruit Burger (V) (G) (Ss) £7

Jackfruit, onions, spices, bun

Lamb Mince Burger (G) (Ss) £8

Lamb mince, onions, coriander, green chillies, bun

Maalu vadiya salad (F) (Cr) £14.50

Prawns, Haddock, Cuttlefish, onions, red chillies, tomato

Hot battered cuttlefish (F) £9.50

Cuttlefish, cornflour, curry leaves, red chilly

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