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Gordo’s top picks at Scene

Scene Indian Street Kitchen in Spinningfields has an extensive menu of authentic dishes but with so much temptation, how do you decide what to order?

Let Gordo guide you.

Gordo loves a good curry and he’s eaten a fair few in his time. He knows his makhani from his masala and he knows when a meal is ticking all the boxes.

When he visited Scene recently, it was no mere box ticking exercise. There were flavour fireworks, whizzing, popping and dazzling Gordo with their spicy exuberance.

And these dishes were the ones that really sparkled.

Afghani Gosht

This slow-cooked lamb dish was rich and unctuous and the spicing was subtle and skilful, adding flavour but letting the lamb shine. Tender meat, garlicky, peppery, tomatoey sauce with warmth from ginger and a coriander zing – it’s a winner.

Chicken Balochi

This isn’t a dish you see on every restaurant menu but the Balochi spice blend blew Gordo away. The region, now one of the four provinces of Pakistan, historically covered parts of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan and the influences of these different countries on the cuisine adds a complexity and depth of flavour that made this curry so memorable.

Kashmiri Murgh

The shredded chicken in the Kashmiri Murgh dish allows the flavour to permeate every part of the meat. It’s a real firecracker of a dish – spicy, but not in a too many chillies mouth-numbing way. There’s a sweetness to the dish which counteracts the heat – it’s perfectly balanced. A bit like a seesaw with Gordo on one side and a baby Indian elephant on the other.

Scene it all? Not yet, you haven’t. If these are dishes you think you already know well, think again. The Afghani Gosht, the Chicken Balochi and the Kashmiri Murgh have recently been improved by Chef Asif and are better than ever, fine-tuned and finessed to a higher standard than ever.

Gordo was impressed and you will be too.

Take your midweek suppers up a notch and call in after work. Choose one of the dishes above - Gordo’s orders - to find out just how tantalised your tastebuds can get.