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Peck & Yard

Clucking good Pan-Asian chicken in the centre of Chorlton

Forget the Colonel, Dixy and their paltry poultry offerings, this is real fried chicken — Pan-Asian style.

The secret’s in the marinade — our birds are succulent, juicy and full of authentic Peck & Yard flavour. From crisp wing to fried thigh.

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Whether you’re eating in with an asia cold beer or sitting out in the sunshine, collecting or letting your delivery driver do the hard work, our chicken wings and drumettes are twice-fried and our breasts and thighs are panko-fried so you can enjoy that crisp Peck and Yard crunch with every bite — even if the chicken has to fly home to your roost before you eat it.

Not only are we crazy about perfect fried chicken, we’re sort of sauce-obsessed too.

That’s why you can choose from ELEVEN home-made sauces covering the whole flavour spectrum from the sweet sticky goodness of our Miyagi sauce to the mind and mouth-blowing wonder of Bo’s hot sauce. It’s hot.

As well as serving up our signature fried chicken, we also serve fried halloumi and cauliflower too as well as some equally delicious grilled options.

Our specials deserve a mention too. The Pow-Pow stack is our take on a burger but better. Think two stacks of crisp-fried thigh and breast, a slathering of hot sauce and a helping of kimslaw. The Feast is a beast — unless you’re sharing in which case it’s perfect. Basically, it’s all types of fried chicken and lots of it. You can’t have too much of a good thing.

Sides include spicy rice, yakisoba noodles and our Peck and Yard fries.

Gordo is becoming a regular and developing something of a fetish for our fried chicken.

Why don’t you feed your fried chicken habit at Peck & Yard in Chorlton?

Cluck and collect by phoning 0161 861 7666