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Get your Mojo working at La Bandera

At La Bandera, our food is inspired by the Canary Islands, giving our own twist to the usual tapas, with simple, light dishes using sun-ripened fruit and vegetables and market-fresh meat and seafood.

One of our culinary cultures is the Mojo – a special sauce that comes in both red and green – which no Canaries table is complete without and which we’re keen to introduce you to! In the Canary Islands, Mojo is eaten at every meal and is the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish and egg dishes and adds depth and flavour to meat and vegetable dishes. Mojo Rojo (red) and Mojo Verde (green) are delicious traditional sauces that can be used as a dressing, dip or marinade, and here at La Bandera, we make several fresh batches per week.

The red sauce is a piquant blend of cumin, dried chilli, sweet paprika, herbs, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and red peppers. The fresh and vibrant green sauce also combines olive oil, vinegar and garlic, and gets its bright colour from and green pepper and the fresh herbs coriander and parsley.

So next time you visit La Bandera, make sure you find your Mojo for a true taste of Spain.

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