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Dazzling Café: Not just honey toast

Dazzling Café on Oxford Road is a Taiwanese institution and rightly so. Lucky Manchester has the first branch in Europe and it’s the place to go if you’re looking for something different with a comforting feeling of familiarity.

It may be called a café but it has a full menu of intriguing Taiwanese-Italian fusion dishes. Not something you’ve had before, right?

Dishes span pasta and pizza classics to Eastern fare such as chicken karaage with cheese and mentaiko rice casserole.

The chicken is tender with a crisp skin and oh so naughty with its cheesy sauce and chips whilst the mentaiko rice casserole is rather like a risotto but with more exotic ingredients; mentaiko is a cod roe, often used in sushi.

Portions are generous so seafood spaghetti comes complete with no less than five different types of marine creature lurking tastily between the strands whilst the pizzas are absolutely laden with cheese.

And whilst Dazzling Café is not just about honey toast, it’s something you have to try. It’s the dessert that made Dazzling Café famous.

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