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Cadar Chimney Cakes

Everyone should try chimney cakes at least once.

Once you’ve tried ours, you’ll wonder how you lived without. Come to Cadar Chimney Cakes, our dessert café in Bolton Market Place and see for yourself.

Chimney Cakes are Hungarian pastries that were originally served at weddings and special occasions.

The dough is handmade and cut into strips then wrapped around a wooden cylinder and baked in a specialised rotisserie oven. The surface of the dough becomes golden brown and the sugar caramelizes providing a sweet crunch on the outside whilst leaving a light fluffy dough on the inside.

When it comes out of the oven, steam cascades from the top of the spiral, just like a smoking chimney.

At Cadar Chimney Cakes we don’t stop there. We keep the traditional recipe then fill it up with delicious soft serve ice cream and all manner of goodies.

Nutella, Biscoff, Kinder Bueno…you name it, we’ve got it.

As for our specialities, forget Instagram, these deserve a social media platform all of their own. Cloud 9, for example, is a mash-up of Hungarian street food classic and, well, white chocolate, Nutella, candy floss, macarons, strawberries, gold dust and a bit of added sparkle. And ice cream, of course.

As well being Greater Manchester’s only Chimney Cake Café, we also serve some standout shakes too.

Discover Hungarian Chimney Cakes for yourself.