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You can find Blanchflower Bakery and Kitchen on Shaw Street , by Altrincham’s popular market hall. Early risers and brunchers, quick biters and long lunches, this is a place to cherish.

We can’t pretend to serve perfect food — but we do try. You wouldn’t believe the lengths we go to in the pursuit of perfection. Every plate, cup and glass matters. It may be geeky to weigh and taste every cordial that leaves the bar, but at least we know we’ll never serve a bad one.

At Blanchflower, we keep things simple with amazing flavours and an ingredient list you can count on one hand. If you wouldn’t find it in your granny’s kitchen, you won’t find it in ours. So that’s a yes to delicious, carefully-sourced ingredients and a no to yucky chemicals.

We make our own sourdough, focaccia and baguettes in our bakery as well as classic breakfast pastries, pies, tarts and cakes and so much more.

Why do we bother pairing a restaurant with a bakery?

Well, we believe that fresh food tastes better. It’s as simple as that. When you eat jam with your croissant, we made that jam just a couple of days earlier and the croissant that morning. You can taste the difference in every mouthful.

Don’t believe us?

Confidentials editor-at-large, Jonathan Schofield, seemed impressed: ‘My oh my the pies’.

Blanchflower is open seven days a week.

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