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Weekly recipe boxes from HelloFresh to the rescue

Remember when lockdown was a novelty and we were all about our sourdough starters? On Instagram, picturesque restaurant food was replaced by wonky home-made croissants and hearty homemade dinners. The pressure to buy new crockery was strong. Then came the meal boxes from our favourite chefs that had us trying to reheat minuscule amounts of precisely cubed veg to scatter artily over our new plates. They were fun but, let’s face it, a bit pricey so only good for a treat once in a while - especially when trying to survive on furlough pay.

Now many of us are back at work and - while restaurants have reopened - we’ve actually quite enjoyed expanding our cooking repertoire and still need to get something on the table most evenings. But all that free time seems like a distant memory and cooking a creative and ever changing dinner menu has become less of a novelty and more of a chore.


2020 10 13 Hello Fresh Cat On Box

Thank goodness then for HelloFresh who have come to our rescue like a knight in recycled plastic packaging. We’d started to run out of ideas. Everyone has their go to weekday meals alongside the odd emergency frozen pizza, but HelloFresh has reignited our passion for cooking and really fired up our imaginations.

With a choice of three, four or five meals a week delivered on your day of choice, the boxes are ideal for people who enjoy cooking but don’t always have the time and energy to plan meals as well as prepping them. It’s great if you like to cook meals from the freshest ingredients but could do with a helping hand along the way. A bit like having a creative assistant chef in the kitchen who’s measured everything out, done some spice blending and chopping and written you a list of step by step instructions to help you get the meal ready in around 30 minutes. If you have special dietary concerns, each recipe card also provides the nutritional information for the finished meal.

2020 10 13 Hello Fresh Pork Burger Ingredients

We like to think we’re pretty nifty cooks, but even we picked up some new recipes and ideas when we received our box. If you’re still finding your feet in the kitchen, well, we can’t think of a better way to teach yourself. There’s a bit of chopping and peeling involved, but it’s minimal and just means that the veg is fresher and not as processed as the pre-chopped stuff, it survives a bit longer in the fridge too.  In the end, with a little bit of prep and no weighing, measuring or scratching your head at the contents of the fridge, you’ll have a lovely, fresh meal on the table fast as many times a week as you need it.

One more thing, these packages make food waste a thing of the past as everything is perfectly portioned to ensure that all that goes in the bin is a minimal amount of packaging and maybe some veg peelings (although you can always make crisps out of those if you really want to).

Have we convinced you yet? How about 50% off your first box and 35% off the next three to give it a try? We reckon it’s going to revolutionise your kitchen/life balance.

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