IF you're planning a group night out and want something less predictable than the usual pub gathering, take a look at Belle Vue Dogs.

Their Trackside Six Pack package is designed for birthdays, works dos, stag and hen parties and the like. And at just £12 per person – for a night out worth £24 per person – no-one'll be muttering about the cost.

In this competition, you can win the Trackside Six Pack for ten people, with reserved seating in the bar.

It includes:

1) Admission
2) Race programme
3) Pint of Carling, Smirnoff Ice or Pepsi Cola
4) Trackside meal – scampi or chicken
5) £2 Tote betting voucher
6) £6 voucher to use on your next visit

If you're going to do the Dogs with a group of more than 10 people, this is the way to go. To get the Trackside Six Pack, you need to book in advance at www.lovethedogs.co.uk

Not been before? No matter – you don't need to know anything about greyhound racing to get swept up in the excitement. The races are fast and thrilling (these beasts are the second fastest animals on the planet). And the atmosphere builds as the night goes on. We defy you not to be on your feet cheering the hounds on, especially if you have a flutter.

It's not all about the greyhounds though. People go to Belle Vue Dogs to chat, drink, eat, and relax. It's a big night out, with the added bonus of super-fast sporting action. There's nothing else like it in Manchester.
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