A World Beer Suitcase containing 52 bottles of beer. Try getting that one through airport customs. It's the prize in this competition from Bierkeller in Liverpool ONE. But you don't need to lug your luggage about. The plan is, you take your friends or workmates down to Bierkeller after work, they'll hand over your beer suitcase, and together you can drink your way around the world, one bottle of specialist beer at a time.

Bierkeller Entertainment Complex is always popular for after-work drinks. There's lots of tables, low prices at the bar, and if you stay long enough, you might even get to hear an oompah band playing live.

You've three bars to choose from: Shooters Sports Bar, The Around The World in Eighty Beers Bar, and the traditional Bierkeller itself, complete with bench-style seating and serving staff in Bavarian costume.

Beer is, unsurprisingly, their most popular menu item, but they also have a smashing food offering, ranging from Bavarian food in the Bierkeller, to Australian, Mexican and more in the Around The World in Eighty Beers Bar.

If you win this competition, they suggest you bring along a group of about ten or twenty people to help you drink your way through your suitcase.

To be in with a chance of winning, just click the red Enter The Competition button.