Plus a tasting selection of cocktails

The Workshop is the pride of Waterloo, if not the whole of Merseyside. Elegant small plates are made with high-quality local ingredients and put together with a panache that suggests a much snootier establishment. But The Workshop is anything but snooty. It’s a relaxed and welcoming bar and restaurant with a real community feel and a horde of loyal regulars. It’s time to become one of them.

Our competition to win a meal for four at The Workshop is the perfect way in. One nibble of dishes like salmon pastrami with vodka crème fraiche, bone marrow on sourdough or roasted figs with walnuts and blue cheese and you’ll be a regular too.

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The competition prize includes a meal for four at The Workshop but that’s only the start of your evening. The fun continues next door with a table for four at Ophelia’s to indulge in a post-prandial tasting selection of cocktails.

And with a goody bag to take home, it’s like a kid’s birthday party only instead of being high on jelly and ice cream and too much cake, you’ll be high on life. And cocktails. And sticky toffee pudding.

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End Date - 31st January 2022