Happier healthier skin? Yours with this evolutionary therapy, which can treat many skin concerns

Percutaneous collagen induction needling; sounds like a medical textbook right? Well, that’s because this treatment has been developed by skincare professionals - and actually it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. 

Collagen P.I.N.™ is the market’s leading micro-needling therapy

For those of us who haven’t swallowed a dictionary, ‘percutaneous’ simply means done on the skin. And collagen is a protein which gives skin its elasticity - hence its anti-ageing properties.

This evolutionary treatment uses tiny ‘micro’ needles to stimulate collagen production, with proven success in treating most common skin concerns:

·       Fine Lines and Wrinkles

·       Ageing skin

·       Pigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone

·       Acne Scars

·       Body Scars 

·       Stretch Marks

·       Crows’ Feet

·       Sagging Skin

·       Open pores / Improve Skin Texture 

Currently the leading micro-needling therapy, Collagen P.I.N.™ can make a big difference with a single treatment and - unlike most - can be customised by your aesthetician to treat certain areas.

Treatment takes place in Flint + Flint, the ultra-cool concept ‘anti-spa’ which opened up in Harvey Nichols late last year. Far from your usual white clinical get-up, this is kitted out by the likes of Den Living in purple hues and plush fabrics for a vibe that’s both relaxing and indulgent.

There are few places where interior inspiration comes hand in hand with some of skincare’s most innovative technologies - but Flint + Flint is one of them. Treat yourself to a Collagen P.I.N.™ facial and say hello to skin that looks and feels great.

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