Good news to start the retail year off in the city

Bright news for Liverpool, bright news for Hanover Street. Rough Trade are coming to town with the largest shop in their UK estate.

This will be the sixth in their sequence of shops in the UK with three in London and one each in Bristol and Nottingham. Along with the Liverpool store Rough Trade intend to open this year in Berlin. There is a store in New York as well.

The exact opening date in the city is yet to be confirmed but the Rough Trade blog states it will be in the first quarter of 2024.

The store will spread across 6500 sq ft. For comparison think one of the more modest Tesco Metros. 

The store will boast a bar and café in partnership with Signature Brew and Dark Arts

There will be an exhaustive collection of vinyl records of course but also a performance space for live events. Expect national acts on promo gigs and also a roster of local acts.

Closer to Liverpool Confidential’s heart the store will boast a bar and café in partnership with Signature Brew and Dark Arts.

Signature Brew say they ‘are on a mission to unite people through the power of incredible beer, great music and unforgettable experiences.’ Good on ‘em. We’ll be uniting with the beer and music as soon as the place opens.

Lawrence Montgomery, the MD of Rough Trade, “We are excited to grow our UK presence with a store in Liverpool. The city has such a rich musical heritage as well as a vibrant scene right now which we hope to honour and represent in the best way we can. The scale (both size and ambition) of the store shows our commitment and investment to the city. We can’t wait to delight customers in the record store and venue in due course.”

The Liverpool Echo is reporting how on the jobs about to be created with ‘a series of key roles, including general manager, assistant manager, bar and events manager, bar and events supervisor, retail supervisor, as well as sales and bar and events assistants.’

Unsurprisingly Rough Trade is seeking ‘hard-working and passionate music lovers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and recommendations with others and are committed to fostering a vibrant local music community’.

Applications are open now via its careers page. More information about the new store can be found via its newsletter and @roughtradelpool on Instagram.

The shop will be located at 50-56 Hanover Street inside the prison-like and grim Premier Inn building designed by Alison Pike Architects. This grey menace doesn’t grace the city so much as slaps it in the face. All the joy with this good news for the city will be on the inside and it looks like there will be a great deal of joy to be had. 

Header image: Rough Trade

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