A dynamic new dining experience is coming to the former Cain’s Brewery site this autumn

A section of the former Cain’s Brewery, located in Baltic Triangle, is about to be transformed into Lu Ban Liverpool, a Chinese restaurant specialising in regional cooking techniques and flavours, with authentic recipes inspired by the Tianjin region, home of famous Tianjin School of Cuisine.

This is very much about regional specialities from one of the finest region’s for cuisine in China

The new restaurant aims to become one of the city’s most unique venues with a variety of dining options and a menu that will feature small plates, tasting menus and full on Tianjin banquets.  

Lu Ban Liverpool directors, Mike Mounfield and David Hughes, are keeping certain features of the restaurant under wraps until its grand launch later this year.

180509 Cains Brewery Cains Brewery Orginal Tap Room
Lu Ban won't be your traditional Chinese restaurant

Mounfield, a chef with decades of experience in the hospitality industry, said: “What we are creating here is an aspirational restaurant like no other in the city.

“This won’t be your ‘traditional’ Chinese restaurant, Lu Ban Liverpool is going to be something very different. This is very much about regional specialities from one of the finest region’s for cuisine in China. The chefs from Tianjin are world renown for the quality of the food and this is what we are replicating here.”

Work has begun on transforming the building into the UK’s first Lu Ban restaurant, which is expected to open in the Autumn. The directors have brought in Liverpool-based commercial interior designer, Angela Rawson of AJ & Co Interior Design, who has vast experience and a well-earned reputation for creating stunning interior designs in the hospitality sector. Angela has been inspired by elements of Chinese art and culture, which she plans to incorporate with the raw industrial heritage of the brewery.

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The interior has been inspired by elements of Chinese art and culture

The internal look and feel for Lu Ban Liverpool were inspired by four key criteria: to reflect Chinese traditional design; reflect the industrial heritage of its location; include aspects of Lu Ban’s creative mind (he was a legendary engineer and carpenter during the Zhou Dynasty) and to ensure a modern and contemporary environment.

‘Angela has taken our brief and transformed it into our vision’ Mounfield added. ‘Our aim, given the significant investment, was to ensure that this is a stunning and desirable venue to come and dine.’

The creativeness of the décor will match the inventiveness of the food being served. Angela opted for muted tones that will be fused with dark metallic touches; it will be adorned with luxurious woven fabrics and combine wicker and rich wood throughout.

Feature lighting will give a contemporary twist to a traditional piece of Chinese cooking equipment, while antique mirrors will bounce light around the imposing industrial structure.

A stunning bronze feature wall will offer a talking point and centrepiece for diners, while upcycling will be prominent, as Chinese antique-style furniture will undergo a makeover for stunning restaurant décor.

‘We expect to have a broad appeal,’ says Mike, ‘as the restaurant is ideal for those intimate occasions, the family celebrations and also for businesses that want to network, team-build or impress clients.’

The directors have secured Dave Critchley, ex-Operations Head Chef at the Living Ventures group, as Executive head chef for the restaurant. Dave will spend quite a bit of time in China over the next few weeks mastering traditional cooking techniques, understanding ingredients and learning about authentic flavour profiles. A general manager has also been appointed and other staff recruitment is expected to commence in the coming weeks.   

Lu Ban Liverpool will create over 30 jobs, including apprenticeships. The new Chinese restaurant will be working alongside the Lu Ban Association, which actively promotes Chinese culinary Arts in the UK. Together they will be able to use this facility to train and deliver the next generation of talented restaurant teams. 

Lu Ban is hoping to be open early November, Cain’s Brewery Village, Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5XJ

For more information on the new restaurant visit www.lubanliverpool.co.uk