The search is on for one more business to complete the line-up

Ormskirk Food & Drink Market has unveiled five traders that will take up residency in the new site when it opens this autumn. The former indoor market on Moorgate, which was originally built back in 1903, is being transformed as part of a six-figure sum investment. 

We can’t wait to see who will take that last spot in our kitchens.

Located on Moorgate and spanning two floors, the 10,000 sq ft venue will welcome award-winning Baltic Triangle restaurant Lu Ban - headed up by executive chef Dave Critchley - as part of their new street food concept, Meishi.

The other confirmed traders are Burscough-based pizzeria Purely Pizza, steak and fish eatery Salmo, Backyard Liverpool and all things burgers courtesy of Meatello. The market is now on the hunt for just one more local independent business to complete the line-up.

Ormskirk Food Drink Market Opens Autumn Simon Fiona Beer Epic Pr
The market is being transformed as part of a six-figure sum investment Image: PR

Director Simon Beer, who also established the EPIC brand of hotels in Liverpool, said that it was great to finally make the announcement and welcome these brands onboard.

Simon said, “When we first came up with the concept of Ormskirk Food & Drink Market, it was so important to us that it helped to propel start-up businesses and to put them into the spotlight. Ultimately, it’s about giving them a platform, and the opportunity to get their foot on the hospitality ladder. The search is now on for that final trader.

“It’s an extremely positive proposition as there’s lower risk involved as there’s no huge lease in place, no big deposit, or the worry of rocketing utility prices. We’re here to make this happen for someone who just needs that extra bit of support, and we can’t wait to see who will take that last spot in our kitchens.”

Acquired by Simon and his wife Fiona back in 2012, the former indoor market has remained vacant for the past 12 years and is currently in the latter stages of transformation. It will soon come to life as a new food hall with six kitchens, a bar area, games area, several retail outlets, live music floor and private hire space.

The team are also well underway in their latest recruitment drive with a total of 80 roles available including business development manager, bar manager, head bartender, bartenders and servers.

Ormskirk Market Simon And Fiona Beer
Simon and Fiona Beer Image: PR

Fiona Beer said, “To some, Ormskirk may just be another historic town in the North, but we chose this area for a reason. Not only has it been our home for the past 25 years, but we’re proud to be creating something that really will elevate the area and what it has to offer.

“We’re confident that Ormskirk Food & Drink Market will attract not only people from the local community but also further afield and become a destination in its own right. We’re confident it will create a name for itself as a culinary hub, offering the best entertainment and a space that has never existed in the region before.”

For more information, visit Ormskirk Food & Drink Market.

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