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Table service tech that means no contact, no crowds

The hospitality industry is having to adapt like a chameleon with one too many Instagram filters at the moment.

Don’t shut down but we’ll force you under. Shut down or else. Shut down but do takeaways. Re-open but keep everyone at least a metre apart. And so it goes.

One thing that makes getting your head around the latest guidelines for the food and drink sector is the NoQ app.

It makes opening for business again safer for staff and customers. There’s no contact or crowds, just bar collection, collection point and table service technology.

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Here’s how it works: 

  • Customers download the app and create an account, browsing your menu in the germ-free cyber-world rather than leafing through a laminated version before ordering food and drink.
  • Orders via the app are simple and easily managed with an in-venue dashboard. 
  • Payments are automatic, cashless and contactless. Most importantly, they’re secure.
  • You can send a notification to a customer to tell them their order is ready or take it to their table.

Currently the set up costs are free and so there is the hassle. Give your menu details to NoQ and they’ll work with you to find a solution for your venue. Plus they can provide you with a fully insured risk assessment so you can open safely as well as a digital stocktake facility.

The focus is on you and your requirements. This isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. It’s personal. If we’re going to salvage Manchester’s unique social scene, we have to preserve the idiosyncrasies that make for such a varied city, with businesses of all kinds and characters tessellating beautifully together.

That said, the turnaround is turbo quick – NoQ aim to have customers returning in 24 hours. 

It’s a streamlined way to bring back drinking and dining – socially distanced, of course. A number of other North West spots such as The Pen and Pencil, BAB, Don Giovanni and One88 Kitchen and Bar are already on board.

What are you waiting for?

Oh, the nitty gritty. It’s here if you want it.

The App

  • Customers download the app to their mobile device and create an account.
  • The map allows the customer to explore the surrounding area and select venues/bars/pubs/restaurants where NoQ is available
  • After selecting their chosen venue, the customer can browse all available food and drink
  • The customer can easily add food and drink to their online basket, input any special requirements or allergies and make a secure payment. They can also choose if they want to collect their order or have table service.
  • Once an order is placed, the customer receives a unique order number and a notification to let them know their order is ready. This allows them to collect their order or have it delivered to their table in a safe manner.
2020 06 30 Noq Customer Journey

The Dashboard 

  • The central dashboard will display all active orders.
  • Staff can easily view, manage and fulfil orders via the portal on the standalone tablet – provided by NoQ
  • Each order has a unique order number which is the same as the one the customer receives after making payment.
  • Staff can send a notification to the customer once the order is ready to be delivered to the table or delivered to the designated collection point.
  • Regular reporting is provided for management review with additional real-time portal access available. 

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