It's been a weird year. We bid farewell to 9 viral beauty trends

2017 was the year makeup artists got really creative. And a little silly.

On Instagram, there was no makeup look or technique unexplored, albeit bizarre or downright weird (did you know that condoms could make great makeup sponges? Us either). Love it or hate it, you have to appreciate the bold, artistic expression of Instagram's most imaginative users. 

From nose hair extensions to those infamous charcoal face masks, we've listed the top viral beauty trends of 2017. 

Weird eyebrows (Penis, feather, barbed wire, Xmas trees...)

2017 was the year of the brow. From feather-like creations and caricature squiggles to crowns and glittery messes, this year saw instagrammers shape their brows into all kinds of transformations. Our favourite: the penis brow. Pray that 2018 will be the year we just leave those brows well enough alone.  

2017 12 05 @priscillastamos Penis Brows 2017 12 05 Ig Barbed Wire Brows 2017 12 05 Ig Sofie Petersen Crown Brows 2017 12 05 Feather Brows 17 12 11 Christmas Tree Brows

Skin-peeling charcoal face masks

It was the so-called beauty secret that went viral: charcoal. This year saw us snuffle charcoal in all forms and fabrications, from scrubs and shampoo to toothpaste and lattes. It was the charcoal peel-off face masks that caused the most controversy by far. You may have seen videos of beauty aficionados squealing in pain as the sticky masks ripped off more than just their blackheads, taking eyebrows and sometimes even skin with them. Unsurprisingly, dermatologists didn't think the charcoal masks were the best idea. 

17 12 11 Black Masks 2

Hair nails

2017 was certainly a year for challenging beauty norms and female body hair was at the forefront of discussion. The big question: to shave or not to shave? Can you have month-old hairy legs and still be attractive to the opposite sex? And what to do with everything down there. Whilst tackling the ‘norm’ around female body hair is no doubt a positive movement, we're not quite sold on hair finger nails. Artist Dain Noon recreated a selfie in nail form with miniature faces and long black hair adorned on each of her fingertips.   

2017 12 05 Dain Yoon Hairy Nails 2017 12 05 Dain Yoon Hairy Nails2

High-cut thong swimsuits

Famed by the Kardashian clan, Instagram has been awash with thigh-high thong swimsuits this year. The summer of 2017 saw no holiday snap complete without a pert derrier and a daringly high hip line. Whilst yanking your cozzie up to your armpits does make your hips look smaller, there’s something a little unnerving about swimwear that is thinly covering  your more intimate areas. Plus, will it stay put when you cannon ball into the pool? Please, leave the scenic shots of hungry bums against exotic backdrops in 2017. Let 2018 be the year of the swimsuit that you can actually swim in.    

17 12 11 Kylie Jenner Swimsuit

Nose hair extensions

Once modelled by Granddads and ageing University professors, extra long nose hairs were given a more, um... glamorous update in 2017. Created by curling false eyelashes into rings before gluing them to your nostrils, the ticklish trend had even the most advanced beauty bloggers spellbound. 

2017 12 05 Taytay Xx Nostril Extensions


Yes, free the nipple. Yes, the side-boob trend gives us not-so-well-endowed girls a new sexy angle to work with. But under-boob? Are there any real-life scenarios where you can have the bottom of your breast poking out your top? You can’t really rock up to work with an eyeful of under-boob? Or can we? Nope, we're not chancing it. 

17 12 11 Under Boob Trend 2017

Glitter boobs

This year fashion icons ruled that glitter can be worn as an item of clothing. For those less familiar with the climes of Coachella, glitter boobs was a trend that swept the festival fields for the majority of the summer. Female festival-goers hit the scene modelling a hefty dusting of glitter and gems across their torsos. Tops are overrated anyway. 

Freckle tattoos

We’re all about natural beauty, but getting freckles tattooed onto your face seems a little extreme. From a natural sprinkling to full-on rainbow freckles, the sun-kissed look was a huge hit on the catwalks and consumers alike, with some beauty brands even launching freckle pencils. Our verdict: make 2018 the year you embrace your skin, freckles (or lack thereof) and all. 

Unusual beauty implements (including condoms)

In the year where beauty blenders reigned supreme in the beauty world and transformed foundation application, some makeup artists just weren't satisfied. So, some opted to use a selection of more unusual DIY implements tried to make their mark on the beauty scene. Yep, some rubbed condoms and human balls over their faces in pursuit of the perfect complexion. In 2018 we ask – please can we just stick to our foundation brush?

2017 12 05 Laila Tahri Condom Beauty Blender 2017 12 05 Laila Tahri Condom Beauty Blender2

Which fashion and beauty trends do you hope will stay in 2017?