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£35 off colonic packages at Spa Satori this Spring

We spring clean our house to herald the change in season, why not our colons?

Colonic hydrotherapy has been in use since 2000 years BC and is now often used in hospitals to treat a range of conditions. 

Like a ‘spring clean’ that cleanses the colon from inside, colonic irrigation flushes out toxic waste - preventing absorption back into your body and conditions like IBS, thrush and back pain. 

We offer two different colonic therapies, one with a therapist and one without. Whichever you choose, your modesty, comfort and confidentiality are ensured at all times. Unlike most treatments, the former includes a relaxing Zen Chi massager and a warming heat pack. The latter, meanwhile, is a Lavage treatment which can be done without anyone else present.

Either way it’s a surprisingly gentle treatment, despite common concerns, with reported long-lasting benefits including: improved spirits, better sleep and decrease in heartburn and indigestion.

Confidential tried these treatment recently, see what we thought here.

If that wasn’t enough incentive, we’re currently offering £20 off both 90 minute options, normally £75. Plus, because we like to treat our customers, we’ll also include half an hour (usually £15) in our Detox Sauna Box for free. 

A favourite of leading clinicians worldwide, this feels like a sauna but uses infrared heat; making it up to three times more effective. 

That’s £55 for two hours’ worth of treatments.  Result? You look and feel great for longer. 

Call the spa on 0161 819 2465 to book quoting the offer code. 

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End Date - 26th May 2017

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