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The Monro started it's journey in the 18th & 19th century. The gastropub is named after the merchant ship that began the first ever scheduled service from Liverpool to New York in 1815. Previously ship captains only sailed when they were full of cargo and passengers so a scheduled service was revolutionary at the time.

The building is however much older and was originally two merchants homes dating from 1745 just as Liverpool had constructed the world's first enclosed dock. The site of this dock is only a 5 minute walk away, next to the John Lewis store and there is a viewing portal in the ground to observe this famous site. The merchants would have been able see their ships in the new dock from their homes.

20151005 The Monro Board

The house itself belonged to a famous merchant of the day called John Bolton. He raised his own private army to fight the French and was the last man in the country to fight a duel with pistols, and win...

As the area around the dock devloped, the merchants moved further away and the homes became businesses and offices for the booming shipping industry. It is thought The Monro became a beer house in about 1815.

The current owners bought the business in 2003 with the simple mission of bringing genuinely fresh food, from the countryside to the city, using local producers. This too was revolutionary at the time and while many eateries talk the talk, they still don't walk the walk, unlike The Monro which cooks every meal from fresh - guaranteed.


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